Top 5 Vaping Hardware Manufacturers

Top 5 Vaping Hardware Manufacturers

Remember that your vaping experiences can change depending on the hardware you get. There are many ways you can set up your vaping hardware. Whether you use mods with a tank and coil, a pod system, or even just disposables, here are some of the top hardware brands available today on


SMOK has it all—whether you want coils, tanks, starter kits, replacement pods, all-in-one (AIO) kits, there’s hardware for every vaper from our friends at SMOK. Some of the best vaping experiences for customers come from SMOK. Their large hardware collection puts SMOK near the top of vapers’ minds when they are purchasing vape hardware.


Some of the best-selling box mods, tanks, mods, and pods come from our friends over at GeekVape. This will help vapers decide on their next setup. Accessorize your vaping experience by picking from a variety of colors when you purchase a full kit. The coils also don’t disappoint when it comes to getting the most flavor out of your favorite eLiquids.


Our friends at Aspire put emphasis on coils, but don’t count out their other products either. They have an amazing collection of tanks, starter kits, and AIO kits. Looking to keep your vaping discreet? You can also get some compact kits from them as well, so check those out!


Voopoo also comes to vapers’ minds when it comes to finding the best hardware for their vaping experiences. Their kits are great for both new and veteran vapers alike. Coils, kits, and tanks are what Voopoo does best, and they have been doing this for years.


Looking for great coils and tanks? Look no further than our friends over at Uwell. Their coils and tanks are great for any vaping experience. Vape your favorite eLiquids or nicotine salts with Uwell coils and tanks.

That’s all for our top 5 hardware manufacturers on Looking for some amazing vape hardware? Check out our collection pages for stuff you’d love to buy on

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