Top Ten Sadboy Salts of 2024

Top Ten Sadboy Salts of 2024

Sadboy E-Liquids

Philadelphia based Sadboy E-Liquids offers a full range of vape juices. Whether you prefer high-VG vape juices or nic salts, their full flavor catalogue is at your disposal. While they offer the greatest hits in vaping, the fruit and menthol flavor fusions popular with adult vapers, they also have an impressive selection of cookie and dessert flavored eJuices.

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Sadboy E-Liquids uses top tier ingredients which make their diversity of vape juices possible. They develop consistent and balanced flavor notes which were designed to not tire the taste buds and are conducive to all day vaping.


Sadboy Salts

Sadboy has mastered the art of nic salts, which are potent ejuices designed for vape pod kits. They are intended for low-wattage, MTL vaping. Their nic salts come in 24 and 50mg nicotine strength and are sold in 30ml bottles. These salts are perfect alternative to disposable vapes, offering the same style of vaping but at a lower price point.

Sadboy Salts are best for mouth-to-lung or MTL vaping. If you prefer big vapor clouds, lower nicotine strengths, higher wattage vape pods or vape mods, the Sadboy e-Liquid line is what you are looking for. These come in 0, 3, and 6mg nicotine strengths and use freebase nicotine. Box mods and the heavier vapor production of high-VG juices is perfect for Direct-Lung or DL vaping. 



Sadboy Tobacco Free Salts

Sadboy Tobacco Free Salts are among the most popular alternatives to disposable vapes and prefilled pods. Non-tobacco nicotine provides several advantages that make these salt nic flavors even more compelling.

Until recently, the nicotine in vape juices was tobacco derived. This linked vaping to the Big Tobacco and the industrial scale agriculture that supports their products. Non-tobacco nicotine also has a more neutral flavor than tobacco derived nicotine. This allows the flavors of Sadboy Salts to really pop.


Strawberry Ice Sadboy Tobacco Free Salts

Strawberry Ice Sadboy Tobacco Free Salts is a classic nic salt flavor which merges ripe strawberry and menthol flavors. The lone entry not affiliated with one of Sadboy’s lines of flavor profiles, this salt nic is exactly the style of vape juice found in disposable vapes. The only difference is the even bolder fruit menthol fused flavor and the fact it offers more flexibility with two nicotine strengths.


Pink Sadboy Tobacco Free Salts Happy End Line

Pink Sadboy Tobacco Free Salts Happy End Line is a spun sugar confection flavor. Sweet red berry flavors led to this nic salt being included in the Fruit collection of Sadboy previously. Pink by Sadboy Salts is a true carnival of flavor.


Rainbow Blood Sadboy Tobacco Free Salts Fruit Line

Rainbow Blood Sadboy Tobacco Free Salts Fruit Line is a classic tropical fruit flavor fusion. An exciting flavor that competes with some of the best found in disposable vapes, it is also available with menthol as Rainbow Blood Ice. Exotic and tropical fruits include berries, notes of citrus, sweet, tart, and syrupy flavors.  


Strawberry Jam Sadboy Tobacco Free Salts Jam Line 

The naming convention begins to get a bit confusing with Strawberry Sadboy Tobacco Free Salts Jam Line. Despite the rather traditional name “Strawberry”, Jam series Strawberry Jam was previously known as Strawberry Jam Cookie and is loaded with all of the same flavors. This means notes of a sugary butter cookie merged with homemade strawberry jam notes.


Strawberry Sadboy Tobacco Free Salts Nola Line

Strawberry Sadboy Tobacco Free Salts Nola Line was previously known Sadboy Nola Bar Strawnola. The simplified name does not remove the sweet crunchy notes, rich cream and ripe strawberry flavors from the equation. This is a perfect all-day vape and a style of salt nic


Unicorn Tears Sadboy Tobacco Free Salts Cookie Line

Unicorn Tears Sadboy Tobacco Free Salts Cookie Line is another Sadboy Cookie Line nic salt flavor with a base of butter cookie. Hints of citrus elevate the dessert notes and additional sweet hints of fruit make this a perfect flavor for all-day vaping.


Butter Cookie Sadboy Tobacco Free Salts Cookie Line

Butter Cookie Sadboy Tobacco Free Salts Cookie Line is the foundational flavor of the cookie line. A perfect golden butter sugar cookie flavor, this great flavor is certain to appeal to adult vapers looking for the style of sophisticated flavors usually found only in high-VG vape juices.


Blue Berry Sadboy Tobacco Free Salts Nola Line

Blueberry Sadboy Tobacco Free Salts Nola Line is another granola and cream infused ripe fruit flavor. The use of blueberry as a flavor inspiration has served this nic salt well. A tasty breakfast vape that is just as enjoyable around the clock.


Blue Sadboy Tobacco Free Salts Happy End Line

Blue Sadboy Tobacco Free Salts Happy End Line is the companion flavor to Sadboy Nola Line Pink. It is a spun sugar blue razz confection flavor. Sweet, airy, and ripe, there are tart notes to the blueberry base which add tremendous vibrancy and balance to this sweet flavor.


Lemon Cookie Sadboy Tobacco Free Salts Cookie Line

Lemon Cookie Sadboy Tobacco Free Salts Cookie Line the addition of lemon and creamy frosting flavors to the classic butter cookie base of the Sadboy Salts Cookie results in one of the more compelling nic salts on the market. The tart and sour notes of lemon offset much of the sweetness, and the sweetness manages to harness the mouth-puckering lemon flavor.


Sadboy Tobacco Free Salts Collections

As noted in the list of top 10 Sadboy Salts flavors, these salt nics are organized into curated groupings of their flavors. Each grouping has an underlying theme and foundation. Within each group is a wide swath of flavors.


Sadboy Cookie Line

The Sadboy Cookie Line relies on a butter cookie as the base. This adds crunchy, buttery and fragrant notes of flavor to a wide range of fruits.


Sadboy Jam Line

The Sadboy Jam Line is a pure collection of amazing dessert flavors. With custard and jam flavors, this is a style vape juice flavor more commonly associated with freebase nicotine vape juices and cloud chasing. Rest assured, they work just as well in a nic salt.


Sadboy Fruit Line

The Sadboy Fruit line competes with the typical nic salt flavors sold by rival manufacturers and found in disposable vapes. Exotic fruits, sweet beverages and menthol ice options make up ths compelling group of salt nics.


Sadboy Nola Line

The Sadboy Nola line features granola, cream and fruit infused vape juice flavors. These are pure breakfast vapes that retain their relevance in nic salt form. The authenticity of the fruit flavors carries the day with cream and granola notes adding additional balance.


Sadboy Happy End Line

The Happy End Line is an uplifting duo of Sadboy Salts flavors. Both are based on spun confection flavors. There is a strawberry and blueberry version of this carnival worthy nic salt.


Best Disposable Vape Alternative

As mentioned earlier, Sadboy Salts are perfect choice for fans of disposable vapes and also prefilled vape pod kits that use nic salts. The flavors are incredibly sophisticated and delicious. The smooth nicotine salt vape juices are available in 24 and 48mg nic strength, which means it does not take a lot of wattage or much vapor for an adult vaper to achieve a satisfying experience.

A comprehensive study by Dr Farsalino found that the vast majority of adult vapers prefer sweet fruit and beverage vape flavors to tobacco. Moreover, adults are more likely to transition from tobacco flavors to characterizing fruit flavors the longer they vape. 

The experience is similarly satisfying and you can save a lot of money by switching from prefilled/disposable vapes to a refillable vape pod kit loaded with nic salts. 



Refillable Vape Pod Kits

What is the best refillable vape pod kit for nic salts? It depends on your use case but most adult nic salt vapers are looking for a compact draw activated device that has long-lasting pods, great flavor and reliable performance. Ease of use is a priority and enhanced by an autodraw vape that has no buttons to push. 


Shop Vape Devices


The Vaporesso XROS Mini, UWell Caliburn and Smok Novo family all fit the bill. They are affordable devices and have few complications. While the newer Novos now have coils that can be swapped out and pods that are reused rather than chucked in the trash, it remains a delightfully easy way to vape nic salts. The draw and vapor production will seem quite familiar to a disposable vape or prefilled vape pod use. 


Disposable Vapes

None of this is to say that disposable vapes are not without merit. The newest generation of longer lasting disposable vapes are rechargeable and some hold the equivalent of nearly a half bottle of nic salts. They are far better price performers than prefilled vape pods and still available in the flavors that adult vapers prefer. The use of rechargeable batteries means a smaller power pack can be used and keeps their designs compact. Without a chipset, the rechargeable battery also guarantees you can get strong puffs from beginning to end. 

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