Uncle Junk's Genius eJuice "Jon Wayne" Review

Uncle Junk's Genius eJuice "Jon Wayne" Review

-Authored by Nathan R.

Finding all my vape supplies hasn't been so easy. I have to give a major shout-out and thanks to eLiquid.com for making that possible. They break down everything into its own categories. From their mods, tanks, batteries, juices and more, they have everything organized and available for every type of vaper and ever level of vaping (beginner, intermediate and advanced). They even have it broken down by brands. With over 2200 brands, the options for eLiquid flavors seems unlimited. With prices so affordable, it makes it hard to try something new. I often find myself going back for my favorite time and time again--anyone else have that issue?

Despite that, I’m happy they always have it! I'm glad to they provide my favorite, Uncle Junk's Genius Liquid JW. It's a wonderful sweet tobacco flavor, and man, does it leave an amazing after taste lingering in your mouth. Though that may be one that I have to keep on hand, ordering and trying something new hasn't been so easy. Just to find a site that offers everything has been a blessing. They have great, low prices and I become exuberant with their option for free shipping and handling on all orders made in the U.S. Receiving your product in under a week makes it more convenient. Without my fingers crossed, the need to walk into a vapor shop for anything has been eliminated. I just wish I’d known about eLiquid.com sooner. I can't count the money that has been saved, just in the last month alone.
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