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Vaper's Buying Guide

December 15, 2021 6 min read

Vaper's Buying Guide

Finding the perfect holiday gift for an adults can be a very fraught exercise. Unless you have an unlimited budget to bequeath gifts of vast value, it is largely a matter of finding something thoughtful that the recipient would not have purchased for themselves.

Focusing on the hobbies and interests of family and friends is probably the easiest way to locate a suitable present. Therefore liquor, beer, video games and books are go-to presents for adults.

If you have a vaper in your life, the jargon and technology probably seem inaccessible and confusing. This does not mean that vaping devices and e-liquids make poor presents. Quite the contrary, items used daily are very likely to be appreciated.

The devil is in the details and this vaper’s buying guide is designed to make gift giving easy. With a bit of information and few simple tips, you will have no problem finding a thoughtful and impactful present for the vaper in your life.

All-In-One Vapes

Advances in technology have made giving the gift of vaping easier than ever. If you do not have the time or ability to research or gather the information you need to make an informed purchase, modern vape pod kits now have multiple coil options that make them suitable for any style of vaping.

The type of device we recommend may be referred to be multiple names. You will see them called Pod Mods, Mod Pods, or AIO (all-in-one) vapes. What they have in common is that they are ready to use out of the box and flexible enough to meet the needs of almost any vaper. They can range greatly in price, but all are under $100. The more upscale models are gorgeous. All of them are practical and as close to “can’t miss” as a surprise present can be.

The ability of a vaping device to handle multiple styles of vaping is key. There are two major types of vape juice and big differences between the two when it comes to nicotine strength.  Nicotine salt juices are highly potent and vaped at low wattage. Freebase nicotine is much lower in nicotine and vaped at higher wattage. In the past, they required totally different devices. Luckily this is no longer the case.

Our Recommendations

The Smok Nord 4 and Smok RPM 4 are versatile enough to meet the needs of any vaper. The Voopoo Vinci series is extremely versatile. If you are looking to really make an impact, the combination of the Voopoo Drag S Pro and a PnP replacement tank (sold separately) cover almost every contingency. They are a visually impressive present to boot, with beautiful build quality and leather insets. 

The Vaporesso Gen Nano is a gorgeous mini-mod which offers great flexibility. If you are shopping on a budget, the Vaporesso XROS and Vaporesso XROS Mini are small and discrete devices that any vaper can find good use for.

Other Potential Gifts

If you want to really dig into the specifics of a loved ones vaping habits to find the best present possible, continue reading.

Just about any potential vaping gift will fall into one of four categories. There are the vape juices which are used to fill a vaping device. There are the vaping devices themselves. We recommend a gorgeous all-in-one Pod Mods, such as those listed in the previous section. A trickier category is vaping accessories and hardware.  These are the coils used in the vaping device, drip tips and other accoutrements. You probably want to verify what you are buying is compatible with the devices they own 

If the vaper in your life uses disposables vapes, an assortment of these can also make a fine gift.

In terms of presents that make a splash, a high-tech vape mod or vape pod is probably your best bet.

Gathering Information

If you want to customize your vaping gift, you will need to gather a bit of information on the recipient’s vaping habits. Things have simplified a bit on the vaping front in the last several years. Almost every vaper is either using a freebase nicotine e-juice in a vape mod or salt nic juices in a vape pod. Your job is made even easier if they exclusively use disposable vapes. There is very little to distinguish these other than flavor profile and how much salt nic e-liquid they hold.

Keep in mind there is a large difference between vaping nicotine salts and vaping lower-nicotine juices from a mod.  Many vapers enjoy both styles, but you will want to verify this. If buying e-liquids as a gift, do not forget to ask them the nicotine strength. This is the single most important question.

If buying hardware, either look at the boxes of hardware they have on hand or examine what they are vaping firsthand. There are a lot of variations. The only device you are likely to identify at any distance is the vape mod. These are the squared off vapes with glass tanks on top. They make a fantastic gift! If the vaper you are buying for uses a mod, your job is much easier. Just identify a recently released vape mod and add it to your shopping cart.

Questions to Ask a Vaper

If you are willing to forego the element of surprise a bit, there are several questions you can ask to get to the bottom of what vaping device would make the best gift. You can always be totally overt and ask if there is any new vape mod or vape pod that strikes their fancy this year. Ask them what their favorite vape juice is and the nicotine strength. This is a consumable item and will surely be put to good use.

In terms of direct questions that may hint at the final gift but not give it totally away, you can ask them if they vape nic salts or use a vape mod. If they vape nic salts, it is just up to you to find some cool flavors or a sleek new vape pod. If they use a vape mod, there are many new models to choose from that make great gifts. 

Gathering Information About the Vaper

If you want to surreptitiously gather information, look at the e-liquids they vape. Nicotine salts are clearly marked as such and only come in 30ml bottle size. The nicotine strength of an e-liquid is always listed on the bottle.  If they are using a small vape device, chances are that this is the style of e-liquid they use but checking the nicotine strength is the only way to know for certain. Nic salts almost are available in two nicotine strengths. Not to beat a dead horse, but you will want to purchase the correct one. 

If the vaper in your life is currently using a gas station purchased device such as a Juul, a refillable vape pod kit like Vaporesso XROS Mini, or Smok Novo 4, coupled with a bottle of salt nicotine, is not only a great gift but switching to a refillable device will save them hundreds of dollars a month in the long run. 

Does the vaper you are buying a gift for use a somewhat loud device that produces a ton of vapor? This is a vape mod. These use lower nicotine juices. In many ways, vape mods make an ideal gift. But not every vaper uses them.

Shopping for E-Liquids

Shopping for e-liquids is probably the most difficult way to shop for a vaper. Your best bet is to identify exactly what their favorite flavor and nicotine strength is. Much like smokers have preferred brands, many vapers are not switching willy-nilly between flavors. They are likely to have go-to flavor profiles, brands, and nicotine strength. Vape juices basically cost the same. It is fair to assume that whatever they are vaping happens to also be their favorite.

The exception is if you have a line on an e-liquid they love that they can no longer acquire. How could this be the case in 2021?  There are many areas where flavored vapes cannot be sold. While not illegal for use, they are not available. As most adult vapers vastly prefer fruit and beverage flavored vape juices, it is likely that they greatly miss their favorite flavors.

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