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Vaping: A Productivity Tool

August 03, 2018 2 min read

Vaping: A Productivity Tool

I don’t vape every day, but I do enjoy vaping. I find that vaping actually helps me be more productive—especially when I’m working at night.

I’m a bit of a night owl, and I’m often working around 10pm-2am—times when a normal person would be sleeping. I drink a lot of coffee, which helps me be productive during the day. But if I drink coffee at night, it will usually keep me awake for far later than I want. (The half-life of caffeine is 3-7 hours; it takes a while for it to clear out of your system.)

If Ivape late at night, though, it gives me the energy I need to be productive, without keeping me awake all night the way coffee does. I can usually get to sleep with no problems an hour or two after vaping. (The half-life of nicotine is only 1-2 hours.)

I used to buy disposable electronic cigarettes at the gas station to get my nicotine, but after I started working at eLiquid.com, I realized that mods were a much better way to go, for three reasons:

1)You can set the pull however you want.

Disposable electronic cigarettes simply come with their default pull setting, and you can’t change it. I find this default to be too weak of a pull for me, and I like being able to customize it on my mod.

2)Thousands of flavors.

Mods give you access to the wide wonderful world of premium eLiquid. Disposables only have a few stock flavors—none of which are particularly great.

3)Huge savings.

While a mod is more expensive to start, if you vape a lot, you’ll end up saving tons of money over time by buying bottles of flavored e-liquid.

I use vaping as a tool to solve a problem: sometimes I need an energy boost at night, but coffee ruins my sleep. Vaping my mod helps me be a more productive person, and I’m grateful to work at a company that sells vape products!

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