We Get It, You Vape!

We Get It, You Vape!

If you blow a fat cloud and don’t upload it to YouTube, then do you even vape, bro? So many of us vapers have been roped in with other communities such as vegans and cross-fitters simply because we love to talk about our love of vaping.

My question is, why is this such a bad thing?

Vaping goes far beyond getting your nicotine fix, we vapers have become a genuine community. We love to discuss what led us to vaping, what juice flavors are our favorite, and what new mod is the hottest out right now. We share countless stories of how we converted to vaping from traditional smoking and how vaping has changed our lives. We have competitions dedicated to vapers being able to show off the sweet tricks they have mastered.

Vaping creates a conversation where there may not have been one. If you are waiting for the bus with another person and they have a vape, you will wind up talking about what flavor is your favorite and whether you drip or use a tank. If the person sitting with you smokes traditional cigarettes, you have a conversation about the difference between the two. If the person does not smoke at all, they may ask you what it is you are inhaling and you are able to educate them on the wonder of vaping.

Regardless of what flavor profile you love, other vapers will enjoy hearing your perspective and learning about flavors they may not have known existed. All in all, there is a community rising up where ashes used to be. A community of people who prefer vaping and all of its interchangeable parts to traditional cigarettes. Though we may be roped in with the vegans who will go on and on about how their plant-based diet changed their life, we have something they don’t have. Cheeseburgers.

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