What Is An Atomizer?

What Is An Atomizer?

-Authored by Randi Sprintis

Some people are perfectly happy changing out an e-juice cartridge, a coil, or a battery every now and again and calling it a day, while others will want to know every tiny detail of their vaping device and its parts. Since you’re reading this, you probably fall into the latter category. Knowing how your device works can help you preserve it, enhance your vaping experience, and even possibly save you money. One of the key components of a vape device is the atomizer. But what actually is an atomizer and what’s its role in the vaping process?

Atomizer Defined

Basically, an atomizer can be defined as the heating feature that transforms the e-liquid into a vapor that you can inhale. While this is a pretty broad and basic definition, the piece itself can be quite comprehensive in some devices. Fundamentally, the atomizer is where all the magic happens. The atomizer is what broke the mold for the e-cigarette smoker by allowing the idea of vaping to take place. Since there are so many different devices available, there are different kinds of atomizers, but they’re always defined as the heating piece that makes the vapor.

How the Atomizer Works

A basic atomizer is composed of two main parts: a heating coil and a wick. In order for the atomizer to produce the vape, the wick needs to be soaked with the e-juice in order to deliver it to the heating element which then creates enough vapor for you to inhale. Overall, when you hit the button on your vape pen, the battery is activated and all of these pieces receive power. The coil will start to warm up and, depending on the device, it will reach about 140-160 degrees Fahrenheit. The wick is located just above the coil, which is submerged in the e-juice, and it draws the liquid to the coil to produce the vapor.

Atomizers are measured in ohms which refers to the amount of resistance the atomizer holds. The lower the level of resistance, the more power your device will have. You may have heard of some people “sub-ohm vaping”. This simply means that they’re using atomizers with less than 1.0 ohms. If you see someone surrounded in a very thick cloud of vape, they might be using this kind of atomizer. Vapers are normally drawn to this type of vaping because it provides a more intense flavor in addition to the cloud density.

Different Types of Atomizers

Since this is a brief overview of what an atomizer is and how it works, it’s important to note that there are different types of atomizers out on the market. There are disposable atomizers which are great for beginners who just want to give vaping a try and don’t want to worry about changing out coils. There are basic coil head atomizers that you can change out yourself. There’s also Rebuildable Drip Atomizers, also referred to as RDA’s or drippers. These are custom made coils that you build yourself, but only with a lot of practice.

It’s not recommended for first time vapers to try this. They’re not only difficult to build but they’re also incredibly powerful and intense. There’s also RTA’s which stand for Rebuildable Tank Atomizers. These are much like RDA’s but use a tank method that allows for more e-liquid. A consistent vaper will usually find the atomizer strategy that works best for them their style of vaping.

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