What is #No2Minors?

What is #No2Minors?

Recently, a number of media outlets have reported on underage vaping and its potential effects on youth. A number of local and state governments have passed special taxes that have extended traditional cigarette taxes to e-cigarettes and other vaping products such as hardware and eLiquid. Many states also seek to raise the vaping age to 21, and efforts are being made at the federal level to make the vaping age 21 nationwide.

17 states (including eLiquid.com’s home state of Nevada) have implemented special taxes specifically targeting vape products. Illinois is the latest state to implement these taxes. On July 1, Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker introduced a 14.5% tax on vaping products. Local governments have also taken a stand against the rise of underage vaping. The city of San Francisco has outright banned the sale of vape products, although there is an effort to overturn the ban this November. The taxes placed on vape products are much like the prior taxes placed on tobacco. Outside of generating revenue for states, it is unclear what the long-term effects will be on the vaping industry.

#No2Minors encourages all sellers in the vape industry to not sell to minors. USA Vape Lab/Naked 100 started the initiative to combat underage vaping as a form of self-regulation in the industry. Self-regulation is a move made by a variety of industries—the video game and music industries self-regulated two decades ago as a means of good corporate citizenship to combat rising concerns from the public and also to ward off the threat of ill-advised government regulation.

Underage vaping is on the rise. It is up to the industry to self-regulate and lobby the legislature to implement effective and reasonable restrictions on the vaping industry. USA Vape Lab says, “Our products are intended for adults of smoking legal age as an alternative to combustibles and we want to keep it that way! We’re asking our distribution and retail partners in helping us say ‘no to minors!’” The reduction (or ideally, elimination) of underage vaping will send a message to all levels of government that we are serious about keeping vape products in the hands of adults only.

We believe that keeping vape products away from underage consumers is the best way to show our solidarity with the rest of the vape community to combat underage vaping. To show that, we also conduct age verification checks whenever you visit eLiquid.com. In addition, we offer the Naked100 collection on the site.

What are you doing to say #No2Minors? If you’re a consumer, what are your thoughts on the latest developments in the vape industry? Let us know!

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