What Were They Thinking? eLiquid Edition

What Were They Thinking? eLiquid Edition

The eLiquid.com team recently talked and wondered what were some of the strangest or most bizarre eLiquids to ever come out in vape history. We did the research and (un)fortunately found these eLiquid flavor profiles that left us confused, disgusted, and intrigued as to why they even existed in the first place.


Crab Leg Flavored E-Liquid

Crab Legs
Either made by the biggest seafood fan in the world or someone who wanted to add shock value to increase brand awareness in their marketing plan, we have recently learned that there is crab legs-flavored eLiquid. The fact that this exists may have everyone except shellfish enthusiasts either scratching their heads or scouring the Internet to make a purchase (unfortunately, crab legs flavored eLiquid doesn’t exist anymore).

While we’d like to try this out for curiosity’s sake, we probably might leave this flavor at the bottom of the ocean, along with the actual crabs. If there’s anyone who was brave enough to try this eLiquid, let us know your experience in the comments section below!


Jager Bomb Flavored E-Liquid

Where do we start with this one? Actual jagerbombs can leave us passed out on the floor, hovering over a toilet, or in the back of a cop car (totally joking on the last one, drink responsibly). Someone decided that this potentially dangerous alcoholic beverage should also be an eLiquid. We’re not entirely sure where to get this eLiquid, or if it’s even sold in stores anymore.

Vapers have given really blunt reviews on this one—one reviewer said, “This tastes like a basement.” Maybe the creators of this eLiquid should have left it in the basement, never to see the light of day, but who knows? There may be people who actually enjoy this, and if you do, more power to you.


Bleu Cheese Flavored E-Liquid

Blue Cheese
Now we’re really scraping the bottom of the barrel. Blue cheese is mildly pungent but goes well with buffalo wings and salads. As an eLiquid, however, we beg to differ. We’re probably thankful that this flavor has never seen its way into the eLiquid.com offices. The purchasing team has never bought this, the sales team has probably never seen it, the marketing team has never heard of it, and the warehouse team isn’t shipping this to a customer trying to model their eLiquid collection after a charcuterie board.

Vapers are reporting that this flavor is so offensive to the taste buds that it’ll probably never leave the shelves of any vape shop. However, we’re open to hearing a different point of view, so if you’ve found blue cheese eLiquid, let us know your experience with it in the comments below!


Pizza Flavored E-Liquid

Pizza seems to be the focal point of controversy in the culinary world. Does pineapple go on pizza, or should it be so far away from pizza that it isn’t even within the gravitational pull of the planet where it was invented? There have been many debates about what belongs and doesn’t belong on pizza. However, the existence of pizza eLiquid may bring the many camps of pizza lovers together and agree on one thing: pizza eLiquid shouldn’t exist.

Vapers have reported that this tastes like anything else with artificial pizza flavoring, so it might not be as terrible as it sounds. However, we’re not really sure about what people think about pizza-flavored eLiquid. Let us know in the comments below!


Mayo Flavored E-Liquid

We had to dig around to really find something truly awful in the eLiquid world. Vapers on the subreddit r/electronic_cigarette have reported that mayonnaise flavored eLiquid exists and that people actually want to vape it. While we searched far and wide for the creator of this eLiquid, they’re probably in witness protection for unleashing this atrocity of an eLiquid onto the world.

Mayonnaise eLiquid may send people running for the hills (except for the folks on r/electronic_cigarette who actually wanted to vape this eLiquid). But now you know that it exists, and we apologize in advance. If you’ve vaped it (or let alone seen it) let us know, namely because we want to know your survival story and what it actually tastes like.


That’s all for our bizarre eLiquids. Maybe you’ve found something more bizarre than the five we’ve listed here. If so, drop a comment below and tell us!

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Vagina flavored. This is a recent one since celebrities are now selling and distributing the smells and tastes of their vagina. It’s in development.

Allen Blankenship

We had a vendor send us a fried chicken flavor, it was absolutely terrible. What’s worse is I had to throw out my Tugboat atomizer because no matter how many times I cleaned it or how long I let it soak, I couldn’t get the flavor to leave.


I’ve seen fried chicken, worstechire sauce, and radish. Ughhh!!!


My boyfriend tried the pizza flavored eliquid when he ran out of other liquids and didnt have money to get more at the time.FYI this flavor is GOD-AWFUL. Not only that but it left this retched smell that would not come out of our furniture/clothes/hair/(…cats/dogs…) for weeks. Plus, even when u change ur coil AND clean out your vaporizer, the taste still lingers….causing ur gag reflex to kick in everytime u hit it, no matter what flavor you were trying to use to cover it up! barf


Bad blood vape juice literally tastes like the smell of bad blood. It’s so nasty to vape it!

Garrett Berry

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