Where Are The Flavored eLiquid Bans?

Where Are The Flavored eLiquid Bans?

Most of you may already know about the flavor bans in Michigan and New York, but there are flavor bans being proposed in other states as well. Many localities have already banned the sale of flavored vape products, including major cities such as Chicago and San Francisco. However, aside from these high-profile localities and two states, there are several other flavor bans being proposed.


Where Are The Bans?

As of September 27, 2019, states that will have full bans going into effect as of next month include Massachusetts (until January 25, 2020), Michigan, Rhode Island, New York, and Washington. However, plans to contest these bans are underway (here’s how you can take action).

Other proposed state-wide bans are taking place in Connecticut, Illinois, Maine, Mississippi, OhioSouth Carolina, Vermont, and Washington, D.C., either proposed by individuals (i.e. state legislators, state governors, or other state officials) or being debated in the state legislature.

States such as California, Colorado, and Minnesota have localities that ban the sale of vape products. The cities of Chicago and San Francisco are the largest and most well-known cities to ban the sale of vape products. Los Angeles County, which has more people than 41 states and is also the most populous county in the United States, has also banned the sale of vape products.

What Does This Mean For Vape?

The flavor bans may lead to reduced revenue for vape manufacturers as well as distributors and retailers. Small businesses may be affected the most. Remember to contact local and state legislators to voice your concerns. You can contact the White House to voice your concerns about the flavor ban as well. 

Much of the flavor bans have revolved around the use of illegal THC products in vape cartridges, which were then conflated with the use of legitimate eLiquids and vape hardware. Remember to buy from legitimate sites such as eLiquid.com. We do NOT sell THC products.


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