Why We Love TFV8 Octuple Coils

Why We Love TFV8 Octuple Coils

While I used to be a TFV8 X4 Coil guy, time and testing have finally helped me reach the light. If you like so many other vapers are currently using the Baby Beat mod from SMOK, do yourself a favor and give the TFV8 Octuple coils a try. While the copious options available to the baby beast may bring out a different flavor experience, none have stood the test of time and taste quite like the octuple coils. Personally, I vape plenty of sweet flavors and my biggest foe is the durability of coils against such sweet juice.

To put it into perspective, I've given a set of 5 Q2 coils a try, none of which lasted more than 2 days before the foul burning flavor set in. Obviously, they weren't designed to take on such a sweet flavor under heavy vaping conditions. Next, my go-to coil the X4 is certainly a great flavor producer and my previous record holder standing at four to five days before the flavor went bad. Now to my current favorite and likely the last coil I'll test, The octuple coils last me an entire seven days of heavy vaping, and can fully outlast an entire single 60ml bottle before losing its flavor. While this durability for a coil may be impressive on its own, the flavor is unquestionable.

The Octuple coils, without a doubt, bring out the best flavor of any coil I've tested on my Baby Beast tank. The coils burn a bit hotter than the X4's and require some more wattage than the Q2 or X4's, with an extra set of batteries I have no problem giving it that extra wattage to bring out the best vape experience my mod has ever given me. If you're like me and can't find a coil that can stand your vaping needs, look no further than the TFV8 Octuple coils which supply an abundance of flavor, resilience, and all around satisfying vape experience.

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