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Collection: Cuttwood


Of all the big names in the industry, no brand has made such an impact as Cuttwood’s legendary vape juice line. A contender for top sales in every state, Unicorn milk still has vapers everywhere that would consider it their All Day Vape (ADV). With so many competitors now, it’s a testament to the quality of this line that their fanbase has continued to grow since its release over seven years ago. Find out where they got their start, and why is the best place to buy any of the ten vape flavors in this world famous vape juice line. Whether you’re looking for a sweet strawberry cream flavor like Unicorn milk, or a more traditional honey tobacco flavor like Tobacco Trail, Cuttwood has a vape juice flavor to fit any vapers palette. Scroll below the collection to learn more. 


Based out of Irvine California, Cuttwood has been a contender in the vape juice world since the craze first made its way to the west. In a world where only a few dozen vape juice flavors had been introduced, Unicorn Milk’s sweet creamy strawberry flavor won them a large following that has only grown with time. In the seven years since it’s release, Cuttwood has grown to become a must have line in any vape shop you visit. A perfect vape juice line for beginner vapers, Cuttwood has hundreds of five star reviews from verified customers so you can make the best decision to fit your vaping needs.

Availability has always been the cornerstone to the success of a vape brand. When you’re looking for an All Day Vape (ADV), you used to have to choose something that you knew was going to be available wherever you happened to stop to buy vape juice. While this has become less important due to websites like that can ship your order same day, the brands that succeeded in spreading throughout the country have also perfected their vape juice flavors, so that anyone who happens to test this vape juice line is bound to find something they enjoy. With each vape juice flavor from the line finding its own individual success, it’s no wonder so many vapers love the Cuttwood brand. is a one stop shopping experience where you can pick up a new bottle of Unicorn Milk vape juice and have it delivered with replacement vape batteries, a new vape mod, or replacement coils. Whatever your vaping need, is going to be the best place to buy vape juices and vape devices online, and we’ll reward your loyalty with points you can use to get up to $50 off your next order. We’ve all run out of eJuice before and been forced to go to a nearby vape store, only to find they have run out of your vape juice flavor. Don’t settle for something less than your favorite, order today and have your vape juice at your door as early as tomorrow.