WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Flavor Apprentice


It has long been known that smoking is an extremely dangerous habit, which is why in many public places it is now banned. In order to abstain from smoking many people have instead taken up vaping which is a healthy alternative. The Flavor Apprentice is a company that has created a diverse selection of high quality e-liquid flavors from the highest grade ingredients to give you the best possible experience. The Flavor Apprentice flavor concentrates are plentiful offering you everything from the regular tobacco flavors to candy, key lime pie and even your favorite beverages. If you already vape or are thinking of doing so then you can get the best experience possible from using Apprentice Flavors with your e-cigarette.

When you use your e-cigarette with Flavor Apprentice liquids you don’t have to worry about the carcinogens and can smoke them inside and outside of your home without annoying other people. Because a vapour is produced you won’t have to worry about passive smoking affecting those around you or cigarette smoke getting into your soft furnishings creating an ash tray smell that lingers. Due to the large amount of The Flavor Apprentice (TFA) Flavors, you don’t have to worry about getting bored. Because of the numerous food flavors people use them to not only stop smoking but also to help them curb food cravings. Imagine not having to go outside when it’s wet or cold and using The Flavor Apprentice eliquid to inhale a flavour that is so realistic it lingers long after use. No one likes the thought of smelling of cigarette smoke, but with nicotine being an addictive substance it’s not as easy as just quitting. You will find numerous strengths of Flavor Apprentice Flavors for your vaping and e-cigarette pleasure and can change them as little or as often as you wish.

When you go for a night out and your favorite song comes on, but your nicotine cravings take hold many clubs allow vaping and the people around you will smell nothing but the aromatic smell of your eliquid flavors. There’s also the added advantage that you won’t accidentally burn someone if you are going full force on the dance floor and you don’t need a lighter. Just a bottle of The Flavor Apprentice and a charged e-cigarette. It couldn’t be easier. When you are out on a road trip with other passengers you don’t want to feel guilty about them breathing in your cigarette smoke in a confined space. If there are numerous passengers also smoking it can get pretty uncomfortable, but you won’t have that problem when you use your e-cigarette with Flavor Apprentice. No ash trays to empty or having to wait for the next service station to come up until you can get the much craved nicotine.

One thing about smoking that many partakers don’t realize is how much of their taste and smell is affected by the habit. When you vape instead using Flavor Apprentice each breath will give you first the enjoyability of the fragrance and taste and then better taste and smell altogether. The reason for this is without the chemicals contained in cigarettes and tobacco the Flavor Apprentice e-liquid is able to give you nicotine in a strength you choose without causing problems with your senses. That first cup of coffee in the morning will taste so much better using Flavor Apprentice instead of smoking a cigarette. You can taper down the level of nicotine you are taking in with The Flavor Apprentice e-liquid and stick to your favourite flavour. The usual strength you can purchase The Flavor Apprentice e-liquid in are between 5 and 15% depending on preference and of course how many cigarettes you would usually smoke. You can get numerous types of e-cigarettes to suit your taste and needs with most not needing to be charged for a couple of days.

All of TFA flavors and concentrates have been approved food grade for your peace of mind and are safe enough to be used to make a range of delicious snacks, sweets and other preparations including soda! The Flavor Apprentice has to be one of the most versatile e-liquid preparations available. Another benefit of using Flavor Apprentice with your e-cigarette is that you won’t have to worry about telltale smoking signs such as staining on your teeth and hands and your breath will smell of the e-liquid so you can throw out the breath mints when you make the exchange. As the e-cigarette way of getting nicotine comes in the form of a vapor it is very similar to the feel you get from smoking as you can actually see and feel the vapor as you would from smoking.

Your body will thank you for making the exchange and it’s a lot easier to quit as the varied concentrations of nicotine allow you to cut down slowly. Swapping to an e-cigarette and using Flavor Apprentice Flavours is so easy you will wonder why you didn’t try it sooner! The e-liquids are affordable so you will have more money in the bank for the other things you want out of life and a little goes a long way. Who could possibly find the smell of cherry, mint, soda or the other numerous flavours offensive? If you are at work you can use the e-cigarette without setting off smoke alarms even if you are not allowed to use them in the office setting. Why search around for a lighter or worry late at night when your tobacco or cigarettes are running low? You will only need to buy the refills once a week or month depending on your usage and as you can buy them online you don’t even have to leave home to find supplier. Just have them delivered to your home, a friends or even your workplace if they allow for your convenience.

The Flavor Apprentice is a habit you won’t mind sharing and even non-smokers will not find the habit offensive. Whether you are looking for a cigarette replacement, a way to get the beautiful flavour of many foods and drinks without the calories the e-liquid flavours in the Flavor Apprentice range will give you exactly what you need to break your cigarette/tobacco habit.

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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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