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Collection: Vapetasia eJuices


Vapetasia has become one of the most common flavors you can find on the market. Their dedication to quality and flavor has led to them acquiring fans around the world who claim at least one of their many custard flavors as an All Day Vape(ADV). Their flagship flavor, Killer Kustard, is quite arguably the best custard flavored vape juice in the industry. Hundreds of customers have tried and reviewed this rockstar lineup, making the choice even easier when considering trying a vape juice from this brand. Truly a must try brand for any vape enthusiast, Vapetasia has earned its place among the titans of the industry. Find out more about this amazing brand of vape juice by scrolling below the collection.


One of the most popular brands in the vape industry, Vapetasia has managed to enamor fans around the world with its perfected line of custard and cream flavored vape juice. While this alone is plenty of reason to love the brand, Vapetasia has also put forth an effort to advocate for vapers rights so that customers can continue to enjoy their favorite vape juice for years to come. Bottled in a sterile controlled environment, they have made sure that every batch of Vapetasia vape juice is going to taste just as good as the last for year upon year. All of their vape juice is sourced and manufactured in the U.S.


Killer Kustard Vape Juice

If you’ve ever heard of Vapetasia, then you’ve likely heard of Killer Kustard. The true flagship of the Vapetasia vape juice line, this aptly named killer custard flavor boasts an unmatched vanilla taste that has become the epitome of what a custard vape juice should aim for. If you’ve ever had the desire to try vanilla custard for your vape juice, then Killer Kustard is simply the best place to start.

Killer Kustard Strawberry Vape Juice

How can someone possibly improve on the best custard flavor in the industry? Adding freshly picked strawberries to the mix is a pretty good start. Try out this refreshing new take on the classic with Killer Kustard Strawberry vape juice.

Royalty Two Vape Juice

If you enjoy your custard, but still can’t stop thinking about a more traditional tobacco taste, then you are in luck. Royalty Two gives you all the custard flavor you need, mixed with sweet nuts, and creamy vanilla, blended perfectly with mild tobacco to give you the creamy flavor you didn’t know was missing from traditional tobacco products.

Vapetasia Salt Vape Juice

Along with their main vape juice line, Vapetasia also carries an assortment of your favorite flavors in Salt Nic variation. A common issue with people switching to vaping from other traditional inhalable tobacco products is the “hit” is different. Nic salts use a different kind of nicotine that tends to give the fuller hit that many people desire without sacrificing any of the flavor. Salt nic flavors also come in much higher nicotine levels for those who require it to get through the day. Nic salts are also a common choice for people who want to vape less often but need the same amount of nicotine their body craves.

Vapetasia Iced Vape Juice

If you’re like many customers, you may experience the phenomenon known as “vapers tongue.” This is when you vape so often that you lose the flavor from your vape juice and it starts to taste dull. One option we recommend is trying Vapetasia Iced Vape Juice, some of your favorite flavors are available in a cool mentholated version that tends to stave off vapers tongue much longer or entirely for some. If this sounds like you, we definitely recommend trying Iced Milk Of The Poppy.