Black Note E-Juice

Vaping Monkey eJuice

Introducing the first mentholated flavor from the Vaping Monkey Lab !! It's a blend of various fresh berries with the focus on Raspberry with a small hint of cool menthol for those of you that like a little kick in your hit.



Love Chimp Berries but not so hot about menthol? This flavor is just for you! This is the exact same flavor as Chimp Berries without the menthol. It's a blend of various fresh berries with the focus on Raspberry.


Break from the norm and try something different! Chimpan-Tea packs a powerful Green Tea flavor with a hint of various fresh fruits. The Green Tea is noticeable right on your first inhale and the various fresh fruit flavors follow immediately with the exhale packing even more flavor!


It's a delicious cross between a Golden Maple Bar and lightly Glazed doughnut. This is definitely NOT your average dessert e-liquid. Gorilla Glaze is NOT "Heavy" and not too rich but instead is very mild and "light".


This mild e-liquid features a very fruity Strawberry flavor with cool menthol. You will taste the strong berry flavor right away after your first hit and it will end with the cool menthol aftertaste you would expect from anything mentholated.



This is a nice mix of Cantaloupe, Honeydew and a few other fresh melon flavors.


This premium e-liquid taste like a banana and peach smoothie/daiquiri.


This is a very nice and smooth blend of various sweet/bakery flavors along with a few different cinnamon spices. It's not too sweet and makes a great after dinner desert vape and also compliments your morning coffee!


This is a perfect blend of several creamy flavors with a subtle hint butterscotch to give it a rich, sweet taste. It's like vaping your favorite Crispy Cream doughnut! Another great liquid for those who prefer a heavier and full flavored e-liquid.


Note : This product contains trace amounts of Diacetyl. By clicking "ADD TO CART" means that you have read and understand this side note.


The perfect mix of various citrus and tangy fruits and orange flavors with a delicious orange aftertaste.


This would be like vaping "grape flavored kool aid" without all the sugar and over sweetness.


This has a very nice and refreshing red and green watermelon flavor with a fun bubble gum aftertaste.