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eLiquid Flavors For Celebrities Who Vape-Pt. 1

July 17, 2018 2 min read

eLiquid Flavors For Celebrities Who Vape-Pt. 1


In recent years, vaping has taken the world by storm. Aside from the fact that there are competitions, prizes and an entire culture that vapers are exposed to, it has also become a community for many. Therefore it makes sense--as vaping is so posh nowadays--that celebrities have hopped on this train. After looking into the most vape-friendly stars out there, we’ve provided a few recommendations for eJuice flavors based on their looks, style, and feel. So, without further ado, we offer up the following juices for consideration:

  • Katy Perry- The Fritz by California Vaping Company- Nothing but the best for our California Girl. This flavor is perfect for Katy Perry, and describes her quite well. With aCrisp and Fruity apple fritter donut taste (with milk), this covers all the bases: it’s sweet, it’s fruity, it pops, and it’s even a little creamy. There’s depth, but overall it’s a fun, invigorating flavor that’s certainly unique in its own right.
  • Paris Hilton- Drama Swirl by Charlie’s Chalk Dust- Need I say more, here? We all know Paris Hilton had (and still has) quite the reputation for thriving on drama, even if she has matured in recent years with her newfound profession of becoming a DJ. The flavor is an apricot glazed golden pastry...which essentially sums up Ms. Hilton’s look and feel, no?
  • Charlie Sheen- Nutty by Kilo E-Liquids (Standard Series)- I feel like this is yet another frightfully obvious flavor for Mr. Sheen. We all remember when he went slightly off the deep end a few years back. Let’s just call it nutty. But do you know what this flavor and Charlie Sheen have in common? They have the musky, matured feel of change to them.
  • Johnny Depp- The Shocker by Cosmic Fog Vapors- We all know Johnny Depp is the King of shocking folks, so it’s no wonder that we recommended this flavor for him. And while we would’ve picked a darker, more mysterious juice to represent this coy man, this flavor seems to pop as much as he does, withlemonade and citrus notes, topped off with strawberries, apples, and mangoes.
  • Lindsay Lohan- Neon Cream by the Lost Fog Collection eJuice- We’re not just saying this because of the obvious orange and white color combination. We genuinely believe that Lindsay Lohan’s personality is that of a cream pop. Bursting with raw energy on the outside, but actually creamy and calm on the inside. It’s the perfectly unpredictable combination that just feels so right.
  • Leonardo DiCaprio- Power by Illuminati Vapor- Must we discuss why this is the perfect flavor for Leo? We must. Aside from the Hollywood star-power that Leo had garnered since the early 90’s, this flavor is as fruity and fun as it is spicy.The taste of apple danish with a hint of cinnamon reminds us of DiCaprio. Throw in the word “Illuminati” in the name? Perfection.

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