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Collection: Charlie's Chalk Dust eJuices

Make your first stop when you need new and exciting e-liquid flavors. When you're ready to buy vape juice online, check out our inventory to see what brands like Charlie's Chalk Dust have to offer. Between delicious flavors, varying nicotine levels and different VG/PG ratios, you'll be boasting about Charlie's Chalk Dust e-juice after taking your first puff.


Charlie’s Chalk Dust Flavors

Head Bangin Boogie is a 70 VG/30 PG blend that provides the thickness and sweetness you want with the intense throat hit you need. The blend offers a juicy concoction that resembles a tropical blueberry popsicle, making it great for hot days. Jam Rock provides the tart sensation of a sour apple glow pop to leave a tasty tingle on your tongue, while Slam Berry delivers not-so-subtle hints of strawberry ice cream to give you a dessert-inspired formula that will shoot to the top of your favorite's list.


Each of these enticing options can be purchased in 0mg, 3mg or 6mg strengths. Whether you are looking for a hit of nicotine or want to avoid it completely, you won't have to sacrifice on flavor.


More Magic Mixtures

For a creamy milk taste with accents of apple cinnamon, reach for a bottle of Mustache Milk. Sweet Dream combines rich vanilla cream and decadent fudge with cinnamon cues for a heavenly flavor to packs in the savory sugar without overloading you with calories.


King Bellman provides a more traditional taste. The mix of vanilla and brown sugar tobacco flavors is sure to be an instant classic. Grab Wonder Worm if you're after a juicy gummy flavor with a tart coating.

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