The CBD Experience

The CBD Experience

The team has previously covered topics such as what is CBD and even talked about fictional profiles of individuals who could use CBD and how they could use it. The team has been hard at work documenting an authentic CBD experience.’s Jose Alvarez has been taking CBD products for the past two weeks, undertaking a 30-day trial of CBD products.

About Jose Alvarez

I am a 31-year-old working professional and I am responsible for blog content and email content on Outside of work, I enjoy playing video games, traveling, and food. I also enjoy attending gaming conventions. I have been interested in CBD for several years due to issues with mental alertness and discomfort after walking long distances. I have also experienced fatigue due to inconsistent periods of restfulness.

The product I am using Just CBD Sour Worm Gummies 1000 mg strength. This is my own personal experience with CBD. As with all things, your results may vary. There are a number of factors that play into CBD consumption, such as the time of day, your diet, as well as your preferred method of consuming CBD products (i.e. CBD capsules vs. CBD edibles). You can view others’ CBD experiences at CBD and Me, or if you’re looking for vetted CBD products, you can always visit

Week One

I started the CBD experience on November 6, 2019. During the first week, my goal was to promote restfulness as my issues with restfulness and fatigue have been present for over a decade. I have had issues with fatigue during the day leading to a loss of focus in daily activities. Upon the first day of consuming CBD, I felt a general improvement in restfulness that continued throughout the week. Seeing an immediate impact on one of the issues affecting my quality of life has been tremendous.

At the end of Week 1 on November 13, 2019, I had noticed a significant change after consuming a greasy meal for lunch that day. I had woke up with head tension before coming to work. After some research, I had found out that greasy and fatty foods could increase the effectiveness of CBD in the body. However, there may need to be further research to confirm this and explain why this happened. This was a turning point in my CBD experience because I also had to consider the type of diet when consuming CBD products. For example, those on high-fat diets may experience that lower doses of CBD may be more effective for them as they tend to eat diets high in fat. I would overall report that my first week trying CBD was positive overall despite some setbacks.

Week Two

Entering Week Two, I had reversed what I had eaten on November 13 and no more issues with head tension came up. I now had a greater interest in seeing what diets would have an effect on CBD consumption. Personally, I do not follow any sort of special diet. I eat one big meal and two smaller meals throughout the day. Since diets are generally followed for the long term, seeing its effect on CBD consumption would be a greater long-term goal over several months. This week, my goal is to relieve discomfort caused by daily activities such as walking.

The discomfort in my feet was not my main complaint before the CBD experiment, but it was rather an issue that I experienced when I attended a convention in Anaheim, CA several weeks ago. Walking 20,000 to 30,000 steps a day caused great soreness in my feet, and I had also noticed that many attendees were using CBD edibles to relieve soreness. I have been going to this convention since 2016 and it would take anywhere from a week to three weeks to fully recover from the amount of walking I had to do. Since the second week marked three weeks since the convention, I started to walk long distances again (now with CBD) to see if CBD effectively relieved discomfort. I had experienced discomfort on 11/16/19 and had to take a second edible (making it three for the day) to relieve discomfort. At the end of the week, I hope that relieving discomfort (the goal for this week) will greatly affect my quality of life for the better.

What’s your CBD experience? Let us know! We’ll be glad to hear any of your experiences.

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