The CBD Experience: One Year Update

The CBD Experience: One Year Update

A year ago, the team decided to create an authentic CBD experience so you can follow along and hopefully create a CBD experience of your own. You can learn what CBD is here, or look at profiles of CBD users here. After a year of consistent CBD usage, we’ve identified a few trends and major changes in the CBD experience.’s Jose Alvarez documented those changes over a year of consistent CBD use.

Changes in the CBD Experience

We know that there are numerous ways of consuming CBD. In the process of the CBD Experience, the two main consumption methods that were used were edibles and vape. I added topicals recently as a way of relieving discomfort in my legs. The tolerance for CBD also increased to the point where the same dosage was less effective. Restfulness significantly improved over the year of CBD use, but other factors also came into consideration. In some cases, such as discomfort, CBD may need to be used “as needed” to relieve discomfort.

The COVID-19 pandemic, while not having a significant effect on CBD consumption, did definitely add some interesting factors to think about. For instance, many routines such as commuting to the office were disrupted. This may have been a work-life stressor that contributed to the CBD experience. A lack of in-person social interaction is another factor that should be considered, although it may not play a major factor in how you consume CBD.

What I learned using CBD

There should be consistency, like any routine you choose to do. If possible, you should schedule your CBD consumption. For myself, I scheduled my own CBD usage at night to ensure that restfulness had its maximum effect. As I branched out into using other forms of CBD, you may also need to take it on an “as needed” basis, namely for discomfort.

While there is no right or wrong way to consume CBD, you should establish a routine and plan on “as needed” use to improve your quality of life. For example, you might want to take capsules at the same time each day to acclimate your body to CBD consumption. If you create your own CBD experience, remember that you should establish quality of life goals, a method of consuming CBD that is the best for you (such as topicals for discomfort) and keep a consistent routine.

If you’ve improved the quality of your life with CBD, let us know!

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