The State of Vape

The State of Vape

Vaping is an experience that customers enjoy on a daily basis. This drives the team to deliver the best customer experience in bringing you the best eLiquids and hardware. The team has noticed the uptick in media coverage about vaping. As we previously covered in our #No2Minors blog post, the team strongly discourages underage vaping by performing age verification checks every time someone visits our website.

The team takes all reasonable measures possible to vet the products we offer in compliance with applicable FDA regulations. Some of the most comprehensive bans on vaping products are currently in place in the state of Michigan. The cities of San Francisco and Boulder, Colorado have also enacted tough anti-vaping legislation. Specific taxes for vape products are already in place in many other states, and the Trump administration is seeking a total ban on flavored e-cigarettes.

The team is not only here to sell you the best eLiquids and hardware—many people on the team are vapers just like yourself. Here is some advice that we can give you to become informed about recent events in the vape industry and community.

  • Do your research. While the results of studies may vary, it’s up to you to become an informed vaper. Research the policies around vaping in your city and state. Talk to your friends and family who vape about their experiences. An informed vaper can encourage their friends and family to select properly vetted vape products and hardware!
  • Avoid homemade or black market vape products. Buy from retailers such as, as we want you to have an excellent vaping experience with legitimate products. Homemade eLiquids may not have been properly tested or reviewed! We don’t want any more negative press from homemade or black market eLiquids or hardware, namely products that contain THC oil. We do NOT sell THC vape juice on
  • Get involved. If you enjoy the vaping experience, it’s important to let your elected officials know your concerns! Write letters or attend town hall meetings. Civic participation is often low among the vaping demographic. Let them know you exist and that you want meaningful change!

Is there anything you are doing to stand in solidarity with the vaping industry and community? Share your experiences with us!

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