What Is The Optimal CBD Dose?

What Is The Optimal CBD Dose?

The eLiquid.com team has been covering CBD topics. What is CBD? Who uses CBD and how? You can even take a look at an authentic CBD experience to find out what goes on when someone takes CBD daily. Documenting the experience, one question always arose: what is the proper and optimal CBD dosage? How is the dosage calculated?

CBD is used to promote health and wellness. Some common goals include relieving discomfort, promoting restfulness and relaxation, as well as supporting mental alertness and focus. Without knowing what the proper dosage is, the steps one takes to progress towards these goals may be compromised. Various websites have created guides on how to properly dose CBD. However, this is dependent on not only your individual needs and preferences but also the form factors of CBD (i.e. tinctures, vape, edibles, capsules, topicals, etc.).

Aaron Cadena, the editor-in-chief of CBDOrigin.com, has a Medium post detailing what a proper CBD dosage may look like. Cadena suggests 1-6 milligrams (mg) of CBD for every 10 pounds of body weight for adults. This can vary depending on a lot of factors, such as overall health and wellness and day-to-day experiences with discomfort, restfulness, and other health goals one may target. For instance, if you weigh 200 pounds, you may require between 200mg to 1200mg of CBD. Cadena’s suggestion is to start at the lowest possible dose and work your way up until you feel that you are addressing your personal goals (i.e. relieving discomfort, promoting restfulness, increased mental alertness, etc.).

That being said, there is a surefire way to ensure that you get the correct dosage of CBD: capsules. Capsules contain the exact amount of CBD. For example, if you require a dosage of 16-25mg of CBD, you can purchase 20mg or 25mg capsules from reputable CBD marketplaces, namely CBD.co. If you prefer to take your CBD through another method, another method of calculating a CBD dose is dividing the total CBD (mg) in a bottle (if it is a vape juice, drink, or tincture) by the milliliters (ml) of liquid. For instance, if there is 1000mg of CBD in a 100ml bottle of CBD vape juice, there is 10mg of CBD per ml of vape juice.

Your experiences may vary and there is no right or wrong way to consume CBD. You should continue to do your research and buy CBD from reputable marketplaces such as CBD.co. Looking to see how CBD has worked for other people? You can always visit CBD and Me. We hope this has helped you with your CBD journey.
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