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Vape juice is generally made up of several ingredients. These include vegetable glycerin (VG), ethyl alcohol, distilled water, and extracts or other types of flavoring. Many solutions are made with nicotine, and a large number of manufacturers also use propylene glycol (PG) that may be combined with the VG for a mixed eLiquid.

100% Max VG eLiquid is designed with the discerning vaping aficionado in mind. It is a smooth and sweet eJuice that has a thicker and more substantial feeling in your mouth and a subtler taste that can be taken up to the next level simply by vaping with a bit more power. Although you probably aren’t going to be able to “stealth vape” using a Max VG eJuice, it’s ideal for those times when you want to emit dense billows of vapor into the atmosphere. Whether you’re in a cloud chasing competition or simply are enjoying the latest trendy flavor alone or with friends, using a 100% VG solution in your e-cigarette might just be the best choice for you.


VG is an all-natural liquid that is most often extracted from the oils of common plants such as coconut, palm, and soy. Clear and odorless, VG usually has either no discernible taste or a slightly sweet flavor that many vape users see as an enhancer to their experience. Vaping flavors that are particularly attractive with high VG juices are creamy, dessert, custards, or yogurts because of the sweetness and overall feeling of VG. Like PG, VG has been deemed safe by the United States Food and Drug Administration.

Max VG vaping liquids that are made solely with VG and no PG are thicker and more viscous. While some consumers perceive this to be a disadvantage, they are ideally suited to people who enjoy a thicker vapor cloud that is higher in intensity. In spite of their concentrated potency, VG eLiquids are much easier on your throat, making for a smoother and less harsh vaping experience. Finally, VG brings a natural, sweet flavor into the eJuice that it is mixed with. As a result, no extra artificial additives are necessary to bring out the flavor. Many users prefer the delicate refinement this built-in sweetness brings to the taste of their 100 VG eLiquid.


When looking at the benefits of using VG alone or in combination with PG, there is one more important factor to take into consideration: the effects it can have on the body. Some people experience allergic reactions to PG while others have sensitivities that should be monitored. These symptoms include a rash or other types of skin irritation and minor throat inflammation. If you believe you are having an allergic reaction or sensitivity to a PG-based eLiquid, stop using it immediately. Give your body enough time to recover before resuming vaping, and then do so using only a high VG eJuice. This is because VG does not bring about the same uncomfortable consequences.


If you want to use 100% or high VG vape juice, your best bet is to enter the world of sub-ohm tanks. Although they require you to use more battery and eJuice, sub-ohm tanks have no problem with thicker VG solutions. You can think of them as the high-performance racing cars of the vaping landscape. If you like tons of flavor, a warmer vape, more airflow and the ability to exhale big clouds, this style of vaping will give you everything you enjoy all at once.

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