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Vape smart with the right amount of power for your device. Whether you prefer a cig-a-like, a vape pen, a box mod or an APV, the battery is the heart of your e-cigarette. The atomizer houses the heating coil and wick, and the battery delivers the power for this component to heat and vaporize your favorite flavors of e-liquid inside. Keep a few replacements on hand, so you'll enjoy less down time.

Battery Power Is Key

As far as batteries go, the 18650 vape mod battery works with a wide range of vaping devices. While some vape devices require small 16340 batteries, and a large 26650 battery may be required for power-hungry sub-ohm devices, the 18650 battery falls somewhere in the middle, making it one of the most popular sizes.

Whether you have a 30W vape mod or a 200W box mod, you should consider the mAh value while perusing our selection. This lets you know the capacity of the battery. The greater the value, the longer the battery can last and the longer you can vape without interruption.

Pair your 18650 battery with an 18650 battery charger

If you opt for an 18650 rechargeable battery, grab a reliable battery charger to go with it. Rechargeable batteries make it easy to keep your device at the ready. Many batteries come in pairs or multipacks, so you can refuel a spare while the other is in use. Check out our battery selection to find the best 18650 batteries for vaping from brands like Sony, Samsung, Hohm Tech and more. There are many to choose form to suit your vaping needs.

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