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Minimize down time by keeping your e-cigarette batteries at the ready with a reliable charger for your home, office and vehicle. Most chargers can refuel multiple batteries simultaneously, so you can worry less about being without power. From in-wall plugs for your 18650 rechargeable batteries to car chargers, explore the wide range of devices from brands like Nitecore and more.

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If your vaping device came with a charger, that's great! However, having an extra for the car or the office isn't a bad idea. Many options are available to suit your power needs. Before making your selection, keep a lookout for a few convenience features.

Some chargers have integrated LCDs and control panels that make it easy to monitor the charging status of your batteries and allow you to select specific battery types and charging parameters. Some more advanced designs have built-in intelligence features that help make refueling more efficient by automatically detecting the battery type and status prior to refueling. With presets like constant current, constant voltage or trickle-charge, refueling each time your vape device needs a boost is simple.

Safety First

Many 26650, 14500, 18650 battery chargers and the like specifically designate the type of batteries they're compatible with, such as the size and chemistry. Keep this in mind to ensure a proper fit. Plus, many boast safety features like overcharge, over-voltage, short-circuit and reverse polarity protection in addition to flame resistance, so you can enjoy greater peace of mind. Find the vape battery chargers that work best with your system today.

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