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Collection: 6mg Nic Salt Vape Juices and E-Juices

If you prefer the smoother feel of e-liquids that use nic salts but enjoy using a sub-ohm vaping device, the selection of 6mg salt nic e-juice at may be for you. Nicotine salts are usually found in higher concentrations of nicotine (25mg, 50mg, etc.), allowing you to receive more nicotine per hit. When using a sub-ohm device, it's safer to fill your tank with a salt nic that's lower on the strength spectrum, like a 6mg nic salt e-juice, so you’re not overwhelmed by the stimulant.

Fill Your Vape Tank and Enjoy the Hit

Thanks to 6mg e-liquids that use nic salts, cloud chasers and flavor lovers can fill their sub-ohm tanks with e-juice that delivers the smooth hit they want. A 6mg nic salt e-juice is a middle-of-the-road option that works well for a variety of vapers. Your craving is covered, the clouds are full and you can enjoy the smooth flavor of whichever e-liquid you choose.

Find Your Sub-Ohm Nic Salt Flavor

A wide range of e-liquid brands, including Dead Sea and Lickwid Thera P eJuice, carry sub-ohm nic salt e-juices, which means it’s easy to find the flavor you’re looking for. From sweet sensations and creamy delights to mentholated mixtures, check out the wide assortment of sub-ohm nic salts here at Whether you're in the mood for a tropical treat or something that tastes like a pastry from your favorite café, there's an array of e-liquids to choose from.

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