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Collection: 810 Atomizer Drip Tips

Watch those clouds rise with the right drip tip for your device. A drip tip is the mouthpiece that replaces a regular atomizer, allowing you to drip your favorite e-liquid directly onto the coil with ease. Wider than 510 drip tips, 810 drip tips are commonly made for sub-ohm tanks and drippers. Because of their larger size, you'll enjoy greater airflow on the inhale.

Make Your RDA One of a Kind

Accessorize your RDA with 810 drip tips that perform well from brands like Blitz. Drip tips are available in a host of colors, styles and materials to choose from to suit your needs and preferences, including those that are contoured for comfort.

Metal drip tips made from materials like aluminum and stainless steel lend a sleek, streamlined look and durable design, while drip tips made from glass, resin, stone and other materials provide more decorative options to choose from. Some are even made from wood for a rustic appearance. If you're looking to keep a few extras on hand, check out the multipacks available — they make it easy to swap out tips as necessary.

Finding the Best 810 Drip Tips for You

Selecting 810 vape drip tips is largely based on usage. Metal tips tend to retain heat, which can be uncomfortable during extended vaping sessions. Also, those made of plastic, such as 810 resin drip tips, tend to be less expensive to purchase when it's time for a replacement. Keep in mind that some tips are made to fit specific models of vaping devices. Select the tips that'll suit your vaping needs and setup well.

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