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Collection: Angry E Line by Ferrum City Liquid

About this Brand:

Forged from Pennsylvania steel, Ferrum City Liquid represents everything that makes American industry great: tenacity, ingenuity and the determination to make the best product even when doing so isn’t easy. Each of our e-liquid blends is the product of months of development, and we don’t release anything unless it is absolutely perfect.  

Angry E Line is brought to you by Ferrum City Liquid, a premium eLiquid manufacturer that takes great pride in the truly premium quality of their products.
Each blend is created using only high quality ingredients, remarkably unique research and development techniques, followed by a rigorous quality control process.
This one flavor line is sure to make your palate fall in love from the very first puff!
Angry Banana puts the banana flavor front and center -- as it should be -- but this is no ordinary banana eLiquid. The only way to highlight banana's full range of complex notes is to cook it, so that’s what Ferrum City did! To top it off, they added butterscotch and caramel notes, making it even more amazing!

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