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When trying to find your next favorite e-juice, you need to think outside the box. While there are plenty of delicious fruity flavors and bold, tobacco-infused blends to choose from, there are also a variety of distinct tastes that you might not have considered, including animal cookie. Taking the flavor of a familiar favorite, these snack-inspired blends are designed to keep you coming back for more. Visit to view our selection and see what catches your eye.

Animal Cracker Flavors Deliver The Best Vaping Experience

A classic snack, animal crackers provide a pinch of sugar and a crunch in each bite. Our animal cookie blends will have you reaching for more after each delicious inhale. A blend that stays true to the traditional flavor of the snack is Zoo Keeper by INA Bottle e-Liquids. With hints of sugar and vanilla flavoring to practically melt in your mouth, each bottle of this magical mixture will give you the taste of the treat without the calories.

If nicotine content is a consideration, you'll be glad to know this formula can be purchased in several different varieties, including 6mg of nicotine, 3mg of nicotine and no nicotine at all.

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