Collection: Apple Butter Flavored Vape Juices and E-Juices

There's a reason vaping is becoming so popular. From fruity flavors that are packed with pineapple to traditional tobacco scents you've grown accustomed to, the market has a lot to offer. Break away from the ordinary and try a blend with apple butter flavoring. At, we have a wide selection of products that contain this uniquely satisfying formula, so view our inventory and find your favorites.

Mayhem Vapor's Apple Butter mix offers a savory sweet aroma that doesn't deviate from the actual taste of apple butter. Green is an Anarchist e-Liquid blend that is definitely worth a look. This one adds a hint of cookie flavoring to the mix, providing a tantalizing apple butter taste with something sugary sweet alongside it. This is one you'll want to puff with dessert.

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