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There are more and more unique flavors of e-juice hitting the market each and every day, which is why you need to check the inventory at We make sure to carry the most popular brands and the most delicious blends, including apple fritter flavorings. These mixes help take your vape experience to new levels, providing a bold combination of sugary sweetness that will leave you reaching for another puff.

Allow Cuttwood e-Liquids To Introduce Mr. Fritter

A seasonal favorite, apple fritter blends will make a great addition to your everyday collection. Take the formula by Bearded Baker for instance. This mixture packs in the flavor of ripe apple covered in a succulent glaze and dowsed with spiced cinnamon to have you clamoring for more.

A premium vape juice option, Apple Fritter by Loaded e-Liquid pairs well with your morning coffee. Each inhale delivers a rush of sweet, caramelized apple flavor with woody cinnamon for a spicy finish. It even provides accents of crispy, golden dough.

For a traditional taste you won't be disappointed with, Mr. Fritter is a solid option. This blend by Cuttwood e-Liquids offers the flavor of a forkful of the warm bakery favorite with each hit.

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