Collection: Bavarian Cream Flavored Vape Juices and E-Juices

Take your vape experience to a new level by grabbing a bottle of a Bavarian cream blend. This impactful flavor is sure to grab your attention and make each and every hit taste like a delicious delicacy. From the bold flavor to the enticing aroma that is left after each exhale, these mixes will instantly leave their mark. Visit to find a wide selection of tasty formulas and bring home your favorites.

Enjoy A Bavarian Cream Blend From Puffin E-Juice

A staple of many decadent desserts, Bavarian cream should have its own place in your vape juice collection. For a straightforward taste, grab a bottle of Bavarian Cream by Puffin e-Juice. This blend is bursting with vanilla cream to indulge your senses.

If you're after a more complex mix to soothe your palate, you need to try Exterminator by Legends Hollywood Vape Labs. This blend contains lusciously sweet Bavarian cream with accents of cantaloupe to offer a rich and savory taste that resembles the Italian classic dessert.

Vape With Five Star Juice Richie Rich For An Elegant Experience

Bring home a bottle of Kiwiberry Cream by Signature Vape Juice if you want the decadent taste of Bavarian cream with a splash of fruity flavor. This unique mix contains strawberry and kiwi for a tropical taste that's something to behold.

Pink Parfait by Fresh Pressed eLiquids adds its own twist to basic Bavarian cream. This one squeezes in sweet strawberries for a dessert-inspired formula that will be a constant on your shelf. Five Star Juice offers Richie Rich, which features Asiatic, American and European berries packed with cream filling.

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