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Collection: Beverage Flavored Vape Juices and E-Juices

If you're looking for more than just a hit of nicotine during your vape experience, you need to look for special blends from the hottest brands. The selection at provides an array of intriguing blends that are designed to taste just like some of your favorite beverages. These refreshing formulas will practically quench your thirst, making them great for warm, summer days or for pairing with your breakfast.

Explore Our Piña Colada Vape Juice Blends

If a trip to the tropics is what you're after, make sure you have a bottle of Piña Colada nearby. This blend by Mucho eJuice takes coconut crème and coconut milk and pours in some delicious rum followed by pineapple and strawberry to truly give it a juicy sweetness.

For a dessert blend, we suggest you try Strawberry-Banana Milkshake by Signature Hero by CPV. This mixture takes the 2 amazing fruit flavors and mashes them together, finishing it off with buttery cream to fill your throat with exceptional flavor.

Feel Refreshed With a Strawberry Kiwi Lemonade Vape Juice

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