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Collection: Birthday Cake Flavored Vape Juices and E-Juices

When it's time to find a new flavor for your vape pen, box mod or APV, don't settle for basic or bland options. If you want a sugary delight to satisfy your love for sweets, you need to consider adding a bottle of birthday cake e-juice to your collection. Filling your tank with this delectable treat will give you the heavenly taste of a slice of cake without needing to grab a fork. Visit to find a wide selection of choices from some of the hottest brands in the industry.

Discover Our Birthday Cake E-Juice Blends

You don't need to wait until your birthday to enjoy the taste of soft, moist cake. Birthday Cake is a blend by Kilo Black Series that provides the flavor of a deliciously fluffy cake. This bakery-inspired mixture will leave a hint of frosted sweetness in the air.

Celebrate by Benevolent E-Liquids tastes like a party in your mouth. Each bottle is packed with mind-bending e-juice that offers the flavor of a cake with vanilla icing with every inhale. If you want a blend that pairs 2 of your favorite desserts, look to Boostday Cake. This creation from Boosted E-Liquid tastes like vanilla ice cream sitting on top of a birthday cake.

Celebrate Each Day With Fetti Pop E-Juice

Confection Vape offers a blend called Fetti Pop, which delivers a sweet sensation of strawberry frosting smothered over confetti cake. 

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