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Collection: Blueberry Apple Flavored Vape Juices and E-Juices

If you enjoy blueberry vape juice flavors and crisp apple e-juice and you sometimes have a hard time deciding between the two, a blueberry-apple infusion may be just what you need for your all-day vape. Brands like Reds Apple, Time Bomb Misfits, Illusions Vapor and others known for their fruit flavors offer delightful e-liquids with blueberry, apple and other essences to choose from. At, you’ll find the best fruity vape juice flavors, so don’t be afraid to mash it up sometimes.

Blueberry Apple E-Juice To The Rescue

Are you getting bored with your regular fruit-flavored e-liquid? Go for a fruity blueberry-apple mash-up that's sure to delight. While blueberry and apple taste great as a duo, you can also freshen up your collection with an e-liquid that puts multiple fruit flavors into the mix. Check out the tangy raspberry, pineapple and pomegranate flavors for sour and tropical e-juice lovers and menthol flavors that make each hit feel ice cold.

Check out the sweet e-liquids that are flavored like the desserts you crave. You can make mornings fun with blueberry/apple Belgium waffle e-juices with essences of cinnamon and brown sugar glaze, and end your day with a flavor that taste like sugar-dusted dessert. Each manufacturer offers a VG/PG ratio and flavorful additives that deliver a unique spin on timeless classics and fresh favorites alike.

Find Your Strength

Blueberry apple nic salts and standard e-liquids make it easy to satisfy your cravings in a flavor you love. Browse flavors in strengths like 3mg, 6mg and 12mg as well as nicotine salts in strengths like 30mg and 50mg. For vapers who want to take a hit without the nicotine rush, keep a lookout for the 0mg nicotine-free options — there are many to choose from.

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