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Collection: Blueberry Cream Flavored Vape Juices and E-Juices

Vapers looking for fruit flavors that won't make them pucker can enjoy the sensations of blueberry cream e-juice recipes from a variety of brands found at Flavors like blueberry cream offer bold sweetness and creamy taste that comes out in each hit, leaving you reaching for more. There's plenty to share thanks to the larger bottles available, but we're sure you won't want to.

Find Your Ideal Blueberry Cream E-Juice Recipe

With brands like The Milkman it's simple to pick out a smoother, creamier e-liquid at a glance. From the labels it's easy to see that the naturally tart fruit flavors in these blueberry milk vape juices will taste a little sweeter and smoother, which is great for vapers just getting into fruit flavors.

Go one step further with a flavor like Strudlehaus by The Milkman, which tastes like a blueberry strudel delight that's been dusted with powdered sugar on top. V'Nilla Berries & Cream mixes blueberry and raspberry flavors together alongside a vanilla cream finish, leaving you with the aroma of sweet clouds on each exhale. Check out Bluenana by The Waffle Cone. The medley of blueberry ice cream and banana flavor that tastes like it's been freshly served inside a waffle cone is one that's sure to delight.

Blueberry Cream with and without Nicotine

Vapers who don’t want nicotine and vapers who enjoy nicotine salts are in luck with this flavor. From blueberry pancakes topped with whipped cream to creamy custards, there are a host of blueberry cream vape juice flavors in a wide range of formulas, including 0mg and nic salt varieties.

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