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When you need a good, flavorful hit to help you through the day, don't trust just any e-liquid to get the job done. At, our focus is providing our customers with the best vape juice from the most popular brands. BLVK Unicorn E-Juice easily makes the cut. This premium e-liquid manufacturer boasts exciting flavors in order to help you enjoy your vaping experience. Check out our inventory to see which of the fine blends catches your eye.


Premium E-Liquid Full of Flavor

BLVK Premium E-Liquid offers a wide selection of flavored e-juice, from sweet to bold. Discover flavors like Cucumber, which provides a refreshing kick and offers a cool, minty chill with each hit. 


The FRZN series is designed to blend deliciously juicy fruit flavors with hints of tingling menthol. Grab FRZN Mango and indulge in the taste and aroma of succulent mango with a chilling burst behind each puff.


Fill Your Cart with the Best Vape Juice

Lychee is an exotic option, blending lychee berries and cool menthol to give you a flavorful boost when you need it most. This blend even offers a Nic Salts formula, providing high nicotine content to keep you satisfied.


If you're not in the mood for a fruity blend, why not try Tobacco Cuban Cigar? This captivating mixture offers the dark notes of a Cuban cigar with sweet vanilla cues, helping it stand out from the crowd.

CHBY by BLVK Unicorn E-Juice

Milk Box by BLVK Unicorn

BOLD by BLVK Unicorn E-Juice SALTS

PINK by BLVK Premium E-Liquid SALTS

WYTE by BLVK Premium E-Liquid

BLVK Premium E-Liquid SALT Series

BLVK Premium E-Liquid TBCO Series

FRZN by BLVK Premium E-Liquid


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