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Collection: Bourbon Flavored Vape Juices and E-Juices

Are you looking for something a little more sophisticated to add to your vape tank? Check out the assortment of bourbon e-juice that lets you kick back and relax with a flavor that tastes like it would be served at your local pub or in a decadent dessert. Browse bourbon vape juice best sellers to find the flavor that's right for you, including 120ml bottles that provide enough e-juice to enjoy a full round with friends.

Savor That Warm Bourbon Flavor

Enjoy a premium vaping experience with the flavors that mirror the liquid gold of distilled spirits. Smoke Crossroads (SXR) sweetens their bourbon flavor with the taste of velvety butterscotch. If all you need is just a hint of bourbon flavor, check out e-liquids like General Custerd by LITquid.

If subtlety is not your style, check out the bold, smoky offerings from Villainous Vapor Company . With old-fashioned Kentucky bourbon, vanilla mixer and honey-sweetened tobacco sensations, each hit tastes exquisite.

Aged Flavors That Are Ripe For Vaping

Make one of our smooth bourbon flavors your vape night cap. Nicotine strength options, including nicotine-free, make it easy to keep cravings under control, and bourbon-flavored e-juices made with a higher level of vegetable glycerin amp up the sweetness and cloud thickness just a touch. From bourbon nic salts to standard offerings, there's a little something for everyone.

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