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Bourbon and cigars — nothing pairs better. Fill your tank with a bourbon- and cigar-flavored e-juice that delivers the bold, rugged taste of the signature beverage served neat and a freshly lit stogie straight from a box of Cubans. It's a great way to end a long day, and, best of all, you don't have to fly to Cuba to get it.

Made to Please Bourbon and Cigar Aficionados Alike

Whether you prefer your drink neat or on the rocks, you can enjoy that warm bourbon flavor from a vape juice.  Brands like Smokeless and Ohm Slaw Juice bring the rustic, aged flavor up to snuff. Try flavors that deliver the taste of smoky tobacco to your mouth with a splash of Kentucky bourbon.

If you're looking for the smooth, satisfying hit only a nicotine salt brings, browse brands like Salty Fog by Cosmic Fog Vapors. Bourbon- and cigar-flavored e-liquids made with nic salts offer the same rich, aged flavor and a higher level of nicotine, reaching up to 50mg, so you can satiate any cravings that come to call. Check out the nicotine and size options of your favorite flavors, like a nicotine-free e-juice in a 60ml bottle or a 6mg e-liquid in a 120ml bottle.

Bourbon- and Cigar-Flavored E-Juice

Many brands manufacture cigar- and bourbon-flavored e-juice, as well as similar varieties that offer hints of both elements mixed with additional complementary flavors. With a taste that mirrors a perfectly aged beverage, bourbon- and cigar-flavored e-juice is made to please even the most sophisticated palates.

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