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When you need a new blend to fill your tank, don't settle for the same bland mixes. With so many exciting options on the market today, check out the inventory at to find new and intriguing styles that are sure to catch your eye. One of the flavors that can't be overlooked is butterscotch vanilla custard. With a delightful combination of sweet and rich, these blends will become instant favorites.

Vanilla Custard And Butterscotch Vape Juice Flavors

The best of both worlds, these creamy mixes will linger on your taste buds. Reach for a bottle of Custard Fusion by The Refuge Handcrafted E-Liquid to kick back with a tasty treat. This one offers the flavor of creamy vanilla custard and an infusion of butterscotch.

More Vanilla Custard E-Juice Blends With Butterscotch

Terkish Blend is a model from M. Terk e-Liquid that needs to be on your list. This formula contains butterscotch, custard and vanilla cream flavors to tingle your throat with sweetness. Inspired by a popular dessert favorite, 

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