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Collection: Caramel Flavored Vape Juices and E-Juices

For a magical mix that is sure to get your tongue tingling, step away from the basic vape juices that you're used to. At, our inventory offers many choices from ordinary to extraordinary. Few e-liquids stand out more than those with caramel flavoring. This rich and creamy creation can be found across a wide range of popular brands, so browse our selection and make your pick.

Indulge In Caramel E-Juice Flavors

Caramel is a versatile flavor, so it makes sense that our stock includes a wide range of tasty options.  Ill Nana by Carter Elixirs offers a complex combination of flavors that takes it to another level. Imagine sweet banana slices smothered in caramel and dropped in a deep fryer. This mix adds on the flavors of powdered sugar and a creamy dipping sauce for good measure. You'll find this one hard to put down.

Find The Best Caramel E-Liquid Flavors

For a southern classic, reach for a bottle of Caramel Custard by Southern Sweets Vapor. This creation takes the taste of rich and decadent caramel and pours it on top of vanilla custard, resulting in a flavorful concoction that is great for those dreaming of dessert.

Add the moist and juicy flavor of a peach cake pop to your collection when you bring home Vanilla Frosted Peach Fritter. With the taste of a fried peach pastry and caramel coating, it's pretty easy to see what makes this flavor so unique.

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