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Collection: Cereal Flavored Vape Juices and E-Juices

Cereal vape juice provides a tasty mix that will leave your tongue and your nose wanting more. These flavors deliver a mouthwatering throat hit with every inhale and expel fruity aromas with every puff. Choosing a cereal-flavored e-juice from's vast selection allows you to find mixes with high-quality ingredients made by some of the hottest brands in the industry. View our selection and fill up your cart with sugary goodness.

Cereal-Flavored E-Juice

Cereal flavors can even be combined with your favorite desserts, which is what makes Pebbles Cheesecake by River Reserve so popular. This solution is designed to taste like fruity cereal dusted over the top of decadent cheesecake. There's even some graham cracker crust thrown in.

Popular Cereal Vape Juice Flavors

Another exciting way to enjoy cereal in your vape is by filling your tank with El Capitan by Carter Elixirs. This mixture of crunchy berry cereal and creamy cake batter will have you clamoring for another puff. It has all of the allure of a dessert delicacy without the calories.

For a burst of fruity apple, try Apple Crack by The Original Boss eJuice. A little apple pie, a little apple cereal, this flavor is a fall favorite that you'll love all year long.