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Collection: Chubby Gorilla Vaping Products

With so many varieties of e-juice on the market, you're sure to quickly build a list of favorites. As your collection grows, you'll need to make sure you have the right vaping accessories to go along with it. At, we offer a wide array of vaping essentials, including the best vape bottles from popular brands like Chubby Gorilla. Whether you need soft squeeze bottles or high-strength battery cases, check out our inventory and find the vape juice supplies you need today.

Bring Your Own Bottle

Chubby Gorilla is intent on giving their customers high-quality products to enhance the vaping experience. Between specially designed circumferences to durable lids, the team at Chubby Gorilla has put a great deal of thought into each element of their bottle designs, making them some of the best vape bottles out there.

Their Black Unicorn Bottle is made of soft-squeeze PET, preventing potential breaks that may come from glass bottles. Each bottle is crafted with a CRC and tamper-evident break-off ring, so you can help keep the liquid inside. For those who have an extensive collection of vape juice, perhaps a Clear CRC Unicorn Bottle is the right choice. This will allow you to get a glimpse at what's inside.

Keep Batteries Safe

If you use a vaping tool with rechargeable batteries, you'll need a place to keep them safe when not in use. Chubby Gorilla features several durable cases to protect your batteries. Whether you need space for two or four batteries, we have a strong, ABS cases to hold them in place.