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Sometimes you just want to enjoy the nice smoky taste and scent of a cigar but still want the perks of using your vape pen or APV. You're in luck. offers a large inventory of cigar-flavored e-liquids to help you feed your craving. While fruity flavored e-juice seems in abundance, you'll be glad our team has created a list of must-have cigar flavorings that will go down smooth as you relax by the campfire or enjoy a cookout.

The Perfect Puff of Cigar-Flavored Vape Juice

Before you buy vape juice online, you'll need to find the blends that really excite you. Cubano by VGOD® Tricklyfe E-Liquid provides a burst of rich tobacco flavor with sweet vanilla accents in each hit. Cohoro (Havana) by The CGAR E-Juice is another bold juice that delivers a refined cigar flavor with sweet oat cues. This mix will leave you wanting more.

For a taste and aroma that is tried and true, look to Traditional Tobacco from Liqua E-Liquids. Each bottle is loaded with tobacco flavor with hints of spicy, sweet sandalwood. This is a great choice for those trying to transition into e-cigarettes.

Explore All Your Cigar-Flavored E-Liquid Options

There are plenty of other cigar-flavored vape juice choices, including Man Cave by OHM Slaw Juice, which contains natural flavor extracted from Nicaraguan cigars with a splash of bourbon flavor. El Kamino by Good Life Vapor mixes the bold taste of tobacco with graham and cocoa flavors to give it hints of nut.

Vape of a Kind offers 1963. This hazelnut-infused blend keeps the distinct Cuban cigar flavor but adds a sweet and creamy scent. For an exquisite combination of cigar and scotch whiskey, Epicure by 503 E-Liquid is a must.

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