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Vaping isn't just about getting the nicotine you're craving. It's about enjoying your experience. That's why has so many unique varieties and flavors from the most popular brands in the industry with the nicotine content you're seeking. One of the flavors that will have you coming back again and again is cola. These flavors allow you to enjoy the smooth, crisp and refreshing taste of a beverage without having to reach in the fridge — and they also aren't packed with sugar!

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Ronin Vape Co. offers a line called Soda Pop Shop that specializes in deliciously sweet cola flavors. One of their best e-liquids is RoyRog, which is designed to taste just like cherry cola poured over 2 scoops of rich and luscious vanilla ice cream. It will instantly grab the attention of your taste buds.

The Best Cola E-Liquids

Ice Cola by Steep Vapors is a mixture that shouldn't be overlooked. This one combines authentic cola taste with minty menthol that helps provide effects similar to carbonation. That means each hit will feel like a sip of refreshing soda.

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