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Collection: French Vanilla Flavored Vape Juices and E-Juices

Puff sweetly scented clouds into the air with an e-liquid that tastes smooth and delicious. When you're in the mood for something sweet, add a French vanilla vape juice to your tank. This flavor is one that can hold its own and complements a host of other e-liquids from juicy fruit sensations to delectable desserts.

Beverage-Style French Vanilla E-Liquid Flavors

Beverage-style e-liquids have been delighting vapers since they first made a splash on the market from those that taste like a root beer float to your morning cup of Joe. Quench your thirst with a French vanilla vape juice, like Feelin' Frappe by Routine E-Liquid Co. The blend of berries and vanilla flavors is sweet and sensational. And be sure to try a French vanilla e-juice that tastes like it was served up by your own personal barista, like French Cappuccino by Smoke Crossroads (SXR). This one delights vapers with the taste of bold espresso mixed with rich French vanilla cream.

Have Dessert with French Vanilla Vape Juice

Treat your sweet tooth to French vanilla e-liquid that resembles your favorite desserts. From cakes to muffins and freshly baked pastries, there are a host of flavors to savor. Check out the assortment of custards from 50 Shades of Custard eJuice. Luxurious French vanilla pastry cream is hard to pass up, and e-liquids that mirror a cupcake will leave you reaching for seconds.

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