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FRYD Premium E-Liquid

Fried Banana by FRYD
Fried Banana by FRYD 3 from $18.00

Deep fried golden banana slices with butterscotch. Sweet banana, buttery cream and crunchy graham cracker notes.

80% VG

Fried Cookies and Cream by FRYD
Fried Cookies and Cream by FRYD 4 from $18.00

Deep fried cookies and cream treats with rich chocolate and sweet filling. 

80% VG

Watermelon by FRYD
Watermelon by FRYD 1 from $18.00

FRYD Watermelon ejuice is the newest carnival style dessert concoction of bright red watermelon covered in crispy fried dough, watermelon syrup drizzle and topped with powdered sugar. The satisfying vape of the deep-fried county fair treat of Watermelon by FRYD Liquids, provides a fried dough on the inhale with juicy watermelon and subtle notes of powdered sugar on the exhale. Why wait once a year for your local fair to roll through the neighborhood for this one-of-a-kind treat? Enjoy the taste of FRYD Watermelon e-liquid year round, guilt free without all the unwanted calories

80% VG