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BSX Series by Glas eLiquids

Banana Cream Pie by BSX Series by Glas E-Liquid from $8.99 $21.99
Banana Cream Pie by BSX Series TFN by Glas E-Liquid from $8.99 $21.99
Blueberry Cake by BSX Series by Glas E-Liquid $13.99 $21.99
Butterscotch Reserve by BSX Nic Salts by Glas from $7.99 $19.99
Butterscotch Reserve by BSX Series by Glas E-Liquid $13.99 $21.99
Butterscotch Reserve by BSX Series TFN by Glas E-Liquid $13.99 $21.99
Caribbean Punch by BSX Series by Glas E-Liquid $13.99 $21.99
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Glas E-Liquid has long been known for the standard at which they hold their own vape juice line to. Striving to become the best in terms of craftsmanship and quality, they have succeeded in a market that is jam packed with envious competition. Thousands of vapers can claim something in the Glas lineup as their All Day Vape(ADV) and surely thousands more could as well if they tried even one of the amazing vape juices they offer. These master craftsmen have designed vape juice flavors like Blueberry Cake which is arguably the best bakery vape juice flavor on the market now, and a great place for new vapers to start in on this brand. Find out more about where Glas got its name and why vapers can’t get enough of Glas vape juice by scrolling past the collection.



Founded in 2014, Sean Glas decided to start off strong in the industry by spending the first two years on research and development before the brand ever released their first flavors. Customers everywhere can agree that this was the right choice, because from that commitment to quality came one of the industry’s best vape juice lineups since the market began. Not only have they succeeded in creating a series of vape juices that everyone can enjoy no matter their preference, they have also found a way to translate their quality in craftsmanship into the quality vape juice that customers around the world can trust.



Glas has taken the vape world by storm as one of the original brands to have established themselves as quality vape juice manufacturers. Their vape juice flavors have been on vapers tongues since 2014 when the brand was born, and continues to be talked about even now as vape enthusiasts recommend their best selling bakery and tobacco flavors. A truly incomparable brand, they have something for any vaper, allowing customers to confidently choose between Glas vape juices for quality they trust and flavors they can’t get enough of.



BSX Blueberry Cake Vape Juice

A tantalizing mixture of buttercream, blueberries, and vanilla, Blueberry Cake is a bakery vape like nothing before. With enough sweet fruity flavor to keep you satisfied all day, this is an easy ADV choice for any bakery vape juice lover. With a five star rating from nearly every reviewer, it’s as easy as deciding to take a bite of blueberry cake itself, without any of the guilt from all of those calories.


BSX Butterscotch Reserve Vape Juice

Blueberry Cake is the perfect choice for bakery vape juice lovers, while this next flavor is the perfect choice for anyone who prefers a little tobacco flavor in their vape juice. Butterscotch Reserve combines the familiar taste of tobacco with a butterscotch and caramel kick that brings the best that vape flavors have to offer with the memories of previous tobacco products you may have switched from.



BSX Salt Vape Juice

Along with their main vape juice line, Basix by Glas, Glas ELiquid also carries an assortment of your favorite flavors in Salt Nic variation. A common issue with people switching to vaping from other traditional inhalable tobacco products is the “hit” is different. Nic salts use a different kind of nicotine that tends to give the fuller hit that many people desire without sacrificing any of the flavor. Salt nic flavors also come in much higher nicotine levels for those who require it to get through the day. Nic salts are also a common choice for people who want to vape less often but need the same amount of nicotine their body craves.



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eLiquid.com is a one stop shopping experience where you can pick up a new bottle of Blueberry Cake and have it delivered with replacement vape batteries, a new vape mod, or replacement coils. Whatever your vaping need, eLiquid.com is going to be the best place to buy vape juices and vape devices online, and we’ll reward your loyalty with points you can use to get up to $50 off your next order. We’ve all run out of eJuice before and been forced to go to a nearby vape store, only to find they have run out of your vape juice flavor. Don’t settle for something less than your favorite, order today and have your ejuice at your door as early as tomorrow.


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