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Collection: Menthol Flavored Vape Juice and EJuice

Menthol Flavored Vape Juice and EJuice

Looking for incredible menthol vapes at impressively low prices? Well, you've come to the right place! At, we're committed to bringing you the finest menthol flavors at prices that can't be beat. We pride ourselves on offering a huge variety and have all of the finest brands for you to choose from. Whether you're on the hunt for Crisp Menthol vape juice from Naked 100 or want to indulge in Winter Delight from Aria Elixirs, we have the products you want and more.

Vaping has become incredibly popular. People just can't get enough of these flavorful, relaxing products. There are countless places to buy menthol vape juice, but none of them compare to We take our time to carefully curate each of our collections and refuse to settle for anything but the absolute best. When you shop at, you can rest assured that your vape juice is of the utmost quality. 

Our selection of the best vape juice menthol flavor is nothing short of impressive, but we know that it can sometimes be difficult to make a decision between so many awesome products. With that in mind, we'd like to take the time to introduce you to some of our favorite menthol vapes. In this brief introduction, we aim to introduce you to our most popular products, provide a quick overview of how menthol vape juices are made, and even investigate the long-standing belief that menthol vapes provide the best throat hit. Whether you're a seasoned connoisseur, or you're just getting started, you won't want to miss this.

Premium Menthol E-Juice at Unbeatable Prices

Vaping can get expensive. You need to invest in a vape device, buy coils for upkeep, and stay stocked up on vape juice. Fortunately, you can save yourself more than a pretty penny when you shop at We know just how pricey some vape retailers are and we don't think it's fair to mark up products to such an extent. We also have a competitive edge that allows us to offer the best prices on the web.

We've been providing people with high-quality ejuice since the beginning and have established long, fruitful relationships with the biggest brands in the industry. Because of these continuing relationships, we get the best prices. In our minds, one of the best ways to keep your customers happy is to keep your prices low. We do this by passing our savings from the manufacturer directly to you. This, coupled with our incredibly high standard for the products we sell, means that you get to enjoy both incredible products and incredible prices.

All of Your Favorite Menthol eLiquid Brands in One Place

One of the things that make vaping so great is that it's a completely personal thing. You can customize your vape device to perfectly fit your preference and pick from a massive selection of vape flavors. Menthol flavors are a great example of how much one flavor can differ between brands. Every manufacturer has their own take on what they think the best menthol flavor is. This is great for vape enthusiasts because it means that they can explore a variety of different menthol flavors until they find one that they think is perfect.

One person might love the menthol flavors from Juice Head while others may find that they can't get enough of Pachamama flavors. Everybody is after something different and we want to make sure to have something for everyone. We dedicate a great deal of time and effort to researching every brand we offer. Our selection of premium vape brands is simply unparalleled. There is a lot to love about shopping at, but one of the things that customers really appreciate is being able to find all of their favorite brands in one convenient location. Menthol flavored vape juice is now available with synthetic nicotine, or tobacco-free nicotine (TFN), giving you a purer and more flavorful vaping experience with that extra nicotine kick you know and love. 

Our Top 10 Menthol Flavors

Fruit flavors are great, but nothing's as refreshing as a puff of menthol eliquid. Our selection of menthol vapes is nothing short of impressive. We have a huge number of products on offer from the biggest names in the industry. While this ultimately benefits our customers, we know that it can also lead to a bit of confusion. How do you choose between so many great vape juices? Well, nobody knows our collection of menthol vape juices better than we do and we're more than happy to help. 

A collection of this stature certainly deserves curation, so we put together a list of our bestsellers in hopes of providing you with some inspiration. Each juice flavor on this list has been selected for its quality, popularity, and overall enjoyability. These are some of the finest e-juices out there, so if you're having a hard time making a decision, this list is an excellent place to start.

TNT Ice by Time Bomb Vapors

There are a lot of delicious menthol flavors out there, but it's hard to find one that compares to TNT Ice by Time Bomb Vapes. This delicious vape flavor brings you the cool, refreshing flavor of menthol with none of the harshness that some products have. Time Bomb uses the finest ingredients and has spent a great deal of time crafting TNT Ice to be one of the most enjoyable menthol flavors that we've ever come across. If you're looking to treat yourself to a premium menthol experience, then you're going to love this flavor.

Crisp Menthol by Naked 100

Naked 100 is a brand that has made its way into the hearts and homes of millions of Americans.  If you love minty vape flavors, there is no finer choice than Crisp Menthol by Naked 100. This vape juice is incredibly smooth and provides you with the invigorating flavor that you love. Not only is this vape juice produced by one of the most popular manufacturers in the world, but it is also made with the finest ingredients possible. When you want a menthol vape that you can depend on, this refreshing product is a fantastic option.

Winter Delight by Aria Elixirs

Whether you're grinding through the summer heat or basking in the cool winds of fall, Winter Delight from Aria Elixirs is a great way to make the most of your day. This beautiful flavor profile brings you the delicious taste of iced vapor. There's no need to puff on menthol cigarettes when you can enjoy a menthol flavor of this quality! This product is a vapers delight. It's crafted with top-tier ingredients, has the perfect ratio of PG to VG, and offers a pure menthol flavor that simply can't be beaten. Want to bask in the delights of winter? Make sure your cart is loaded with Winter Delight at checkout.

Arctic Wind by Puffin E-Juice

Nothing brings the cool feeling of menthol goodness quite like Arctic Wind by Puffin E-Juice. This tasty e-juice is everything that a menthol flavor should be. It's minty, invigorating, and everything a vape could want. Not only is this e-juice mouth-wateringly delicious, but it is also made with top-tier ingredients. Puffin E-juice is a master of crafting vape juices and they've spared no effort with this product. If you're a big fan of tasty menthol flavors, then you're going to absolutely love Arctic Wind by Puffin E-Juice!

.357 by Buckshot 

If you want a menthol flavor that will hit you like a .357, then you're going to be a big fan of .357 by Buckshot. This impressively tasty e-juice is one of our customer favorites and has established a reputation as one of the best menthol vape flavors on the market. This one is not for the faint of heart and provides a particularly potent punch of menthol flavor. Even the most seasoned vapers will find this to be a strong menthol flavor. If you want a robust, invigorating menthol vape, .357 by Buckshot should be at the very top of your list. 

M.O.A.B Ice by Clutch Vapors

We have a ton of menthol vape juices for you to choose from, but M.O.A.B Ice by Clutch Vapors is one of our absolute favorites. Clutch Vapors always seem to come through when you're in a clutch. When you're having a rough day and need a cool, refreshing puff of menthol vapor, you can trust that Clutch Vapors can and will deliver. This impressive e-juice is made with the finest ingredients out there and provides you with unparalleled menthol goodness. The next time you're in a clutch, do yourself a favor and reach for M.O.A.B Ice by Clutch Vapors.

Betty Boo by Boosted E-Juice

Sometimes you just need a bit of a pick-me-up. There are a bunch of great vape flavors out there, but when you need something refreshing, you want menthol. And, when you want menthol, there's no better choice than Betty Boo by Boosted E-juice. This brand is a household name in the world of vape juice. Not only do they offer a wealth of delicious flavors, but they also make a particularly delicious menthol flavor. If you're having a rough day and want to spruce things up a bit, then you're going to love Betty Boo by Boosted E-Juice.

Heisenberg by Innevape ELiquids

We've all heard of the great Heisenberg, but you might not be aware that there is an incredible vape juice that shares the same name! If you're someone who refuses to settle for anything less than the absolute best, you're going to love Heisenberg by Innevape Eliquids. This menthol juice will take your taste buds on a trip to flavor town. Not only do you get to enjoy a vape juice made with premium ingredients, but you also get to indulge in one of the tastiest menthol flavors on the market. When you want a seriously rich menthol flavor, you want Heisenberg by Innevape!

TNT Ice Salts by Time Bomb Vapors

What!? Time Bomb Vapors TNT Ice on our list twice? Not quite.. We felt that our list would be wholly incomplete without mentioning the nic salt version of this classic menthol flavor. If you're a nicotine salt fan who wants to enjoy a robust cloud of cool menthol clouds, then trying TNT Ice Salts should be your top priority. This nic salt provides a hearty serving of nicotine with a robust, refreshing mint flavor. Simply put - Time Bomb is one of the most popular brands out there and menthol flavors are one of their specialities. Looking for a premium menthol ejuice? You can trust Time Bomb to deliver!

Tobacco Menthol by You Got E-Juice

We know that many of our customers transition from smoking cigarettes to vaping. One of the things that people love about vaping is the ability to inhale tasty clouds of vapor and experience the perfect throat hit without inhaling any harsh smoke. You can select various nicotine levels, and with brands like You Got E-Juice, you even get to enjoy the sweet taste of menthol tobacco. The best part? You don't have to puff on a stinky cigarette. If you want to enjoy the robust taste of tobacco combined with peppermint and menthol, then Tobacco Menthol by You Got E-juice is a fantastic option.

8 Brands With The Best Menthol Vape Juice

We've introduced you to some of our best menthol vape juices, but we have yet to introduce you to the impressive brands behind them. We strive for excellence and refuse to accept anything less. Every brand on this list offers world-class products and have earned their stature in the vape community by continually offering top-tier products that people can trust. Not only do these brands craft some of the finest menthol eliquids available, but they have also become industry leaders in innovation and transparency. 

The broad range of quality seen in the vape industry can sometimes make it difficult to know who you can trust. Don't worry - we're here for you! This list is meant to guide you on your way to finding the perfect menthol ejuice and we wouldn't steer you in the wrong direction. These are some of the finest brands in the industry and a great list of brands to choose from if you need some inspiration.

Naked 100 & Schwartz

Naked 100 is one of the oldest brands in the industry and somehow they remain cutting edge to this day. Naked 1000 & Schwartz is constantly refining their flavors and manufacturing process. They deliver consistent flavors that have you coming back for more. This company makes such good vape juice that you might have to hide your vape from yourself! One of the things that makes these vape juices stand out is that they've been perfected over time. This brand has been around since 2016 and has been honing their craft since the beginning. They started out with excellent products, but have since taken vaping to a whole new level.  When you vape Naked 100 & Schwartz, you taste true mastery. 

Time Bomb Vapors

When we think of our customers favorite brands, Time Bomb is always at the forefront of our mind.They offer a wide variety of fantastic flavors like Watermelon, Kiwi and more, but one of their most popular flavor profiles is menthol. Time Bombs is a household name in the world of vaping. Each of their products is carefully crafted with the best possible ingredients and then thoroughly inspected before being sold. This is a company that truly cares about the satisfaction of their customers and the quality of their products. Rarely do you come across a brand of this caliber and we're proud to offer a complete selection of products from Time Bomb Vapors.

Boosted E-juice

Boosted E-Juice is a brand that probably needs no introduction, but we couldn't leave them off our list! If you haven't heard of Boosted E-Juice, you're either new to vaping or living under a rock, but either way you're in for a real treat. Our customers love Boosted and are especially big fans of their menthol e-juice. Quality is something that should always be high on your list of priorities and Boosted definitely doesn't disappoint. This brand knows that customers want the best and that's exactly what they offer. One of the things that really stands out about boosted is their perfect ratios of PG and VG. When you want a delicious menthol vape juice, you can trust Boosted to deliver!

Clutch Vapors

Clutch vapors is a brand that has taken their time to perfect their formulations. There is a lot to love about Clutch Vapors, but customers really appreciate the fact that they keep their ingredients simple. But the magic is really in the way they keep their ingredients simple and their vape juice incredibly flavorful. Thir menthol e-juice is some of the most robust, flavorful ejuice we offer. When you want a minty pick-me-up, Clutch Vapors has your back. Quality is essential and Clutch does a fantastic job at setting the bar insanely high and then achieving their goal of providing truly premium eliquid.

Puffin E-Juice

Not only does this brand have an adorable name, but they also have incredibly flavorful e-liquid. If you aren't yet familiar with Puffin E-juice, you're in for a real treat.Puffin invests a great deal of time and energy into developing each and every one of their formulations. They have a bunch of great flavors, but menthol is one of their most popular. Looking for a high quality menthol vape juice with premium ingredients? Then you should definitely check out Puffin E-Juice.

Twist E-Liquids

If you've ever shopped for vape juice online or in-store, you've undoubtedly seen Twist E-liquids. This brand has been around since the beginning and has developed some of the most flavorful vape juices on the market. They offer delicious fruit flavors like apple and  kiwi, but they also make some of the tastiest menthol flavors on the market. Their menthol is reminiscent of spearmint and offers a completely unique take on this classic flavor profile.

Juice Head

This is a brand that is known around the world for their delicious flavors and impressive quality. Juice Head maintains a commitment to quality that is unrivaled. They invest a great deal into quality control to make sure that they're bringing you the absolute best. They refuse to use anything but the finest ingredients and carefully craft each one of their tasty flavors. Juice Head makes fantastic menthol flavors and we highly recommend them for both beginners and seasoned vape enthusiasts.

Aria Elixirs

Aria Elixirs has a reputation for making some of the finest vape juice on the market. One of the things that makes this brand stand out is that they go above and beyond during the formulation process. They source all of the best ingredients, have incredibly high standards for quality control, and craft each one of their flavor profiles to perfection. These well thought out products are embraced by thousands of customers and are a great choice for anyone who loves premium vape juice.

Huge Selection and Incredible Prices on Vape Juice

There are plenty of different places to shop for vape juice, but you won't find any other retailer with such a diverse selection and amazing prices. We believe that everyone should have access to high quality vape juice regardless of their financial situation. Every product on our site has been carefully selected after a great deal of research. When you want a single, convenient place to find all of your favorite menthol vape juices at unbeatable prices, there's no better place to shop than

Shop For The Best Vape Products!

Our #1 priority is customer satisfaction. We know you want the absolute best and that's exactly what we bring you. All of the high quality cheap vape products we offer are manufactured by the most reputable brands in the industry and are of the utmost quality. Our selection of vape juice, vape mods, and vape coils dwarfs the competition and our prices make the decision a no-brainer. If that wasn't enough, we also offer fast, reliable shipping!

When you want to treat yourself to a premium menthol vape juice, there's no better place to shop than!

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