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If you're looking for smooth operation and an optimal vaping experience, turn to a mesh coil. A mesh coil for your vape device is simply a strip of metal mesh, typically rolled into a cylindrical shape. The wide coverage area of the mesh helps maximize the surface of the heating area, which results in larger clouds.

At, we carry a wide variety of mesh vape coils from the top brands in the industry, including SMOK, FreeMax and Aspire.

Advantages of Mesh Vape Coils

There are several advantages of using mesh coils in your vape device. When your coil has an optimal coil-to-wick contact, you'll experience less hot spots and more efficient wicking. A mesh coil features a larger surface area to provide the ideal contact you're looking for. Mesh coils heat evenly, which can help prevent hot spots that can burn the wick and affect the taste of your vapor. Also, when the coil doesn't burn the wick, your coil can last longer than traditional coils.

Mesh coils are also capable of operating much quieter than wire coils. Due to its optimal coil-to-cotton contact, there's not a space for excess e-liquid to collect. As a result, you won't hear a loud pop when you press the fire button, but rather a smooth whoosh sound.

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Whether you're looking for a triple-coil model, multipacks or other accessories for your vape device, turn to We have SMOK mesh coils, FreeMax Fireluke mesh coils and more.

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