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Collection: One Hit Wonder eJuices and Nic Salts

One Hit Wonder is a premium eLiquid and vape liquid manufacturer based out of Los Angeles, California. They take great pride in creating premium quality eLiquids, using some of the best ingredients available out there on the market.
In March 2015, One Hit Wonder took the world by storm with the release of Muffin Man.

One Hit Wonder eLiquid is raising Industry standards to a new level.

They strive for the most affordable pricing, the highest quality liquid, for making One Hit Wonder the smartest decision you’ll ever make.

FireMan is a tantalizing freshly pressed pink lemonade, sweet, juicy, a little lemony sour, bursting with flavor.

Army Man is also a must try! With creamy layers of sweetened milk balanced with subtly tart key lime citrus, Army Man is ready to invade tastebuds around the world.

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